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An A&S Champion is someone who is selected first among contestants in arts and sciences challenges (especially as the winner of a tournament or other competition) or someone who is outstandingly skilled in their field of research. A&S champions sometimes serve as evangelists or advocates for particular arts and sciences causes (such as public education) either of their own accord or at the request of royalty or baronial nobility.

Kingdom A&S Champion - A position appointed as seen fit by the royalty of the Middle Kingdom. Traditionally the winning entrant of the Pentathlon is appointed as Kingdom A&S Champion because it is considered by many to be the premier arts and sciences competition in the kingdom, but not necessarily as it is the decision of the King and Queen whom they pick. Although common, not every reign has a Kingdom A&S Champion.

Divisional A&S Champion - There are five divisions of the criteria, if someone wants to compete for Divisional Champion they need to enter three different categories in that division and score better than the other competitors!

An individual Barony may also have an Baronial Champion for Arts and Sciences. Baronial A&S Champion - A position chosen in the manner seen fit by the Baron/Baroness of the Barony. Not every Barony has an A&S Champion.

See also Baronial Champion, Kingdom Champion.

Kingdom A&S Champions

Listing Queens first as the Queen is the patroness of the Arts. Note many champions were named by the spring reign at Kingdom A&S and continued until the next year's Kingdom A&S Competition, thereby remaining champion for one year over two reigns:

96 Vukasin II and Cellach II Edward Brackenburye
95 Isolde II and William II Jahan Ara bint al-Yehya amat al-Hafeeza
94 Kateryn V and Edmund V
93 Amalie II and Cameron II
92 Serena I and Nikolai I Gunnarr Alfljot
91 Arabella III and Ragnvaldr III Oliver Stillman
90 AnnMarie I and Cadogan I
89 Amalie I and Cameron I Gunnarr Alfljot
88 Vukasin I and Cellach I
87 Catarina I and Lucien I Heodez Sofonsiba de Talento Minotto
86 AnneMarie VII and Dag VII
85 Julianna I and Savaric I
84 Runa II and EikBrandr II An A&S champion was chosen for each event in the royal progress:
  • SEP 24 Coronation - Cerridwen verch loreword
  • OCT 1 Procrastinators Brawl -
  • OCT 8 Rendezvous at the Bridge -
  • OCT 15 Crown Tourney -
  • OCT 28 Red Dragon
  • NOV 5 Crystal Ball
  • NOV 12 RUM - Waltrudis von Metton
  • NOV 19 Bardic Madness
  • DEC 3 Chrismtas Tourney
  • DEC 10 On the Road to St. Nicholas -
  • JAN 7 Kingdom Twelfth Night -
  • JAN 21 A Regular Event in the Cleftlands -
83 Runa I and Arch I Alen Elegil
82 AnneLyse II and Ullr II
81 Ceinwen I and Radagaisus I Serena Kimbalwyke
80 AnneMarie VI and Dag VI
79 Runa I and EikBrandr I Milesent Vibert
78 AnneLyse I and Ullr I Anthoinette Martel
77 Tessa I and Lutr I
76 Aislinn IV and Palymar IV Antonia di Troina
75 AnneMarie V and Dag V
74 Brigh II and Bardolph II
73 Madeleina II and Felix II Anthoinette Martel
72 Kateryn IV and Edmund IV
71 Noelle I and Alaric I Kateryn Bronwen of Gloucester
70 Rebekah II and Brannos II
69 Madeleina I and Felix I Despina de la Brasov
68 Guenievre I and Alasdair I
67 Nan Astrid I and Pieter I Arrienne Ashford
66 Fina I and Tarrach I
65 Alys I and Valharic I Roxelana Bramante
64 Arabella II and Ragnvaldr II
63 Brigh I and Bardolph I
62 Kateryn III and Edmund III
61 Elayna IV and Dag IV Jurgen von Baden
60 Tamara III and Finn III
59 Arabella I and Ragnvaldr I Barbara atte Dragon
58 Elayna III and Dag III
57 Kenna I and (Jafar) I
56 Aislinn III and Palymar III
55 Kateryn II and Edmund II Akatyariena of the Winds
54 Caitlin II and Osis II
53 Kateryn I and Edmund I Rosamund Beauvisage
52 Aibhilin I and Tarquin I
51 Valthiona I and Osis I Maeve von Drachenfels
50 Rebekah I and Brannos I
49 Garlanda II and Finn II Leah bint Salah
48 Catherine I and Jafar I
47 Ilsa II and Dag II Maeve von Drachenfels
46 Garlanda I and Finn I
45 Katya I and Ronin I
44 Lisa II and Comar II Doug Strong
43 Tangwystl I and David I
42 Ilsa I and Dag I Maeve von Drachenfels
41 Lisa I and Comar I
40 Ariake I and Tadashi II I
39 Katherine II and Palymar II Audrey Adelicia of Canterbury
38 Brynhildr I and Reynard I
37 Shana I and Corwyn I
36 Elen II and Eliahu II
35 Eislinn II and Talymar II
34 Emmelyne II and Emrys II
33 Katherine I and Palymar I
32 Isabella III and Alen III
31 Myfanwy II and Corin II
30 Fern I and Valerius I
29 Elen I and Eliahu I
28 Genvieve II and Alen II
27 Myfanwy I and Corin I
26 Eislinn II and Talymar II
25 Sharra III and Andrew III
24 Takaya II and Moonwulf II
23 Caitlin I and Hugo I
22 Ithriliel II and Laurelen II
21 Valmai I and Talymar I
20 Emmelyne I and Alen I
19 Ithriliel I and Laurelen I
18 Kirsten I and Nathan I
17 Zarina I and Moonwulf I
16 Kirsten II and Merowald II Caellyn y'Vearn Fitzhugh
15 Caellyn I and Finnvarr I
14 Catherine II and Dagan II
13 Selene I and Albert I
12 Zarina I and Michael I
11 Lindanlorien I and Rolac I
10 Armida I and Dagan I
9 Jessica I and Bearengaer I
8 Gwendolyn I and Merowald I
7 Anne II and Andrew II
6 Alexis I and Thaid I
5 Anne I and Andrew I
4 Morna I and Irial I
3 Diana II and Cariadoc II
2 Abrizhade I and Franz I
1 Diana I and Cariadoc I

Thank you to Duchess Kateryn, Eithne ni Cheallaigh, Roxelana Bramante, Arrienne Ashford, Doug Strong, Master Johannes, Ingrid, Odo and many others for providing information.

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