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Sable, a doe at gaze guardant argent atop a sun Or.

Twenty-sixth, and thirty-fifth Queen of the Middle Kingdom

Award of the Doe's Grace (formerly Queen's Favour): given to those who have demonstrated courtesy and chivalry on or off the field, as well as kindness to those around them. An individual can receive this award more than once, and recipients may wear a medallion bearing the order's badge: Azure, a sword proper enfiled of a wreath of flowers argent, slipped and leaved Or. The original award was created in the first reign of Duchess Eislinn the Patient (whose heraldic arms contain a doe), and the name was changed to honor her as a memorial.



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Reign details - 26th Queen of the Middle Kingdom

26th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

35th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

Tale of Eislinn's Last Pennsic

By Lord Erasmus the Traveller

And here is the story, as it was told to me, in those long ago days of my time in the Middle, and what was yet to become Ealdormere....

And it came to pass that Duke Talymar, inspired by the love of his Lady-Wife, Eislinn, won the fall crown that year, and so was to be the King of the Middle for the next year's Pennsic War. This was regarded as a wonderful thing, for Talymar had once before been the Crown Prince during Pennsic, and he worked well with the Warlord, Barak Duke Sir Hastrubal, twice King of the East, and the Middle had been able to claim victory that year. It was hoped that such a team would work once again.

Now the kingdom knew that Queen Eislinn was not well. Indeed, she had been ill for many months, and even in their previous reign, she had to give up a certain amount of traveling due to her illness -- including the Pennsic that she was the Crown Princess for. It was never said, but all feared the worst, that it was The Cancer, and that she would not be with us long. The word did eventually come back to the populace that it was indeed The Cancer, and that Her Majesty's days were limited. And the kingdom became a rather sad, and maudlin place, for tho' we held our feasts and tourneys and revels, never far from our minds was Our Queen, and the sorrow which faced Our King.

But word suddenly spread like wildfire on the prairies -- The Queen was going to Pennsic! Her chriurgeons and healers consented that she go, that an outing would be good for her. And the populace swelled with pride that Their Queen would be there to see them trounce The East. The Warriors turned to their armour, repair and polishing, while the archers wove new strings for their bows and made certain of the trueness of their arrows. And the general populace of the kingdom were busy too, for they planned on looking their very best for the Great Court, and readied themselves with presents to give to Their Monarchs.

But another word followed this great news, and that was that the healers gave their permission to Her Majesty to go, for they *knew* it would be her last. And now, the sadness circled the kingdom again. But with the sadness, came a grim and terrible purpose. There would be no chance of The Middle losing *this* war! And the Warriors practices became maddening things, as they pushed and strove against each other, looking for that little bit of extra speed, or that one little better placement of a blow that could vanquish an opponent in the other shield wall. And the number of arrows broken in the practices became innumerable, such were the quality and number upon the firing line.

And the news spread to the other kingdoms.... In mighty Calontir, rebellious but loving son of The Middle, The King was met with dilemma, for this year, they were to be fighting in Alliance with The East. And he and his Warlord shook their heads and stroked their beards as they thought, for they would honour promises made to Their Oriental Majesties, but their hearts were with Queen Eislinn. And a spokesman for the warriors of Calontir came before Their King, and asked a boon, a boon unlike any that had been heard in The Knowne World. "Sire," he said, "We would ask to be released from our vow to fight for The EastRealm, that we may, to a man, go forth and do honour to The Queen of Middle and fight under *Her* banner." And The King looked to his Warlord, who inhaled deeply and then sighed a great sigh as he nodded to his King. And that wise and mighty King spoke thusly to his warriors: "Go and fight for the wonderous Queen Eislinn, and let the Knowne World remember that while Calontir is it's own mighty kingdom, we are still children of The Middle, and when Our noble Cousin is in need, we return the love and affection of She who is decended from Our own Mother. Let The East know that they shall still have fighters from Calontir, for Ourself and Our Warlord will honour our promise, but the men-at-arms shall be free to choose upon who's side to fight for that day hence. But let it be known, that the chivalry of the warriors of Calontir are such, that *I* konw where they will be..." And he smiled a great smile, for he did indeed...

And it soon came to pass that The Great Pennsic War was upon us. And there was much business to be done before the armies took the field. Mercenary units from across the Knowne World were asking pittances that they could fight for Queen Eislinn. Mercenary units from The EastRealm were asking for nothing, but that Her Majesty smile upon them as they went to war in Her Name. Alliances that had been made the year before were under great pressure, as the true nobility of the Knowne World wished but to fight for Her Majesty, Eislinn's glory, and to do great deeds upon the field in Her Name. And it became The Knowne World against The East. Better than two thousand warriors upon the field, and the great battle was over in twenty minutes. So a quick discussion was made, and the Middle and The East joined to gether to take on The Knowne World (for there were a great many this year upon the field, so great was the call to arms!). But again, the battle took but twenty minutes.... But upon the field that day, those who watched the great battles, were awarded a most marvelous sight. Queen Eislinn had reason to leave her accustomed place upon the sidelines. Some say it was something mundane, like a simple walk to the necessary, while others say she wished to visit Her Cousin, the Right Noble Queen of The East. It matters not, for something else happened that made this walk one of the most memorable within the annals of our Great Society... A Hold was cried upon the field, and as it was a very great field, the cry took time to carry from one side to the other. And the warriors went to their knees as is the custom. And it was a great wave as they did so, traveling up the field. But to the spectators watching, it seemed, by some trick of the timing, the eye or whatever, that, as The Queen passed down the sideline, the warriors *to a man* knelt in deference to the Great Lady as she passed by....... And all knew that this was Her Majesty's Last Pennsic, and tears filled the eyes of those who watched this incredible, heart-bursting honour that was being given Her Majesty by *all* those upon the warfield that day.... And as it was told to me, for the rest of the War, when they saw Her walk by, all those that could, went to their knees in homage of Her Majesty. A mere bow was simply not enough.... A number of songs were written about that walk, and if you go to The East, The Middle or Ealdormere, you may hear one of them. A bard from the newly elevated barony of Rising Waters, whose name escapes me after all these years, but was known by one and all as "Kitten" wrote one that she performed for His Majesty that evening at a private Court, or possibly revel celebrating the victory. Exactly what the words were, and what gift He gave to Kitten, I know not. But the tears in the eyes of His Majesty, and mirrored upon the cheeks of all who were there told the true tale, and gave proof of the true gift.

Some months later, after Duke Talymar and Duchess Eislinn gave up their crowns to Their Heirs, Her Grace gave up her ghost, and went on before us to those mysteries that we all shall know one day. His Grace, I was told, hung up his sword, and put away his armour, and is seen seldom, if at all, within the Kingdom of the Middle. And so it is today, that when tales are told of The Great Pennsic War, there are many that tell of the courage of the warriors, of the humorous occurrences that happen during the woods battle, the slugs in the swimming hole, drive-by Courts, and many other things that bring smiles to the faces of those who hear them. But the stories from Eislinn's Last Pennsic still fill the heart with pride at the honour and chivalry of our fighters, and the love between a King, a Queen, and the populace of not just their realm, but of the Knowne World.

26th Midrealm Crown ( 10/1982–05/1983 )
Preceded by
Andrew III and Sharra*
Reigned with
Talymar gan y Llyn
Succeeded by
Corin and Myfanwy
35th Midrealm Crown ( 05/1987–10/1987 )
Preceded by
Emrys and Emmelyne II
Reigned with
Talymar gan y Llyn
Succeeded by
Eliahu II and Elen II
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