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The Pentathlon was an optional method of entering a Regional or the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Fair. It was discontinued during the Pandemic when the A&S Faire was cancelled for obvious reasons. When the faire returned it was with new criteria based on the Pennsic A&S scoring Rubric and the Penthatalon was eliminated as well as regional competitions.

Traveling prize for the Pentathalon winner.

Entrants in the Pentathlon must submit a body of work consisting of 5 to 7 works, fully documented, and entered over at least 4 divisions for judging (see A&S criteria for a list of divisions and categories). Since 4 very different divisions must be entered in most Pentathlon entrants must stretch their skills outside of their normal comfort zone and try something new.

To enter the Pentathlon at the Kingdom level, an artisan must score a second place or better on five or more pieces.

Because it takes a significant amount of dedication and time, most frequently there are only one or two entrants in the Pentathlon a year. If there are multiple entrants the highest score overall wins. There is no true prize for the Pentathlon winner; however, it is not uncommon for the winning entrant to be created as the newest Kingdom A&S Champion.

After the 2014 competition, Pentathlon winner Genoveva von Lübeck created a brass astrolabe as a traveling prize for the Pentathlon winner. It should be passed on each year to the new Kingdom Pentathalon winner.

The most challenging competition in the Arts; the Pentathalon is something many people aspire to, and few managed to complete. The "Mount Everest" of our A&S Faire is well beloved of the artisian community!

Rules for Entering the Midrealm A&S Faire and Pentathlon (click link, click "Rules" on the left side nav bar)

See also Division Champion

Pentathalon Entrants by Year

As just completing a Pentathalon is a feat in itself, here is a list of those worthies who have successfully finished an A&S Pentathalon:

Year Entrant Entries
2019 Zuriel Nightshade (Winner) Description of entries
2018 2018 entrant Description of entries
2017 Jahan Ara bint al-Yehya amat al-Hafeeza (Winner) Demonstrating a Period Activity: Dressing a Heian Lady; Costume: Non-European: Heian Japanese Noble Ladies Robe, unlined; Research: Women of Heian Japan and Their Influence upon Heian culture through to Modern Society; Miscellaneous Studio Arts & Sciences: Kai Awase- Shell Game; Miscellaneous Domestic Arts & Sciences- Hiina (Japanese) Doll
Rannvaeig Orraamar Eskilskona 5 entries based on a specific grave find
Siobhán an Einigh of Connacht Bardic Recitation - Welsh Poetry; Costume 600-1100 - Irish Court Garb; Costume: Single Component - Irish Leine; Leather Work - Polairie Irish book box; Brewing & Vinting Wine and Mead: Quick Mead Sampler
2017 entrant Description of entries
2016 2016 Winner Description of entries
2016 entrant Description of entries
2016 entrant Description of entries
2016 entrant Description of entries
2016 entrant Description of entries
2016 entrant Description of entries
2015 Oliver Stillman (winner) Brewing and Vintning Specialtiy Beverages - Cinnamon spice Cordial, costume accessory and leatherwork (cross-entered) - 15th century leather pattans, Misc. Studio arts - a leather wax tablet case, casting - 15th century buckles
Sorcha brecc ingen Donnchada Demonstrating period activities - drop spindle, inkle weaving, painting, misc. tech - oil paints, animal accoutrements - a horse's bridal
Asalah al-Hina Decorative metalwork - an amulet case, Costume Accessories - Persian headdress, Demonstrating Period Activities - Henna application, casting - pewter buttons, Research paper - Henna and its uses before 1600
Roana Aldinoch Costume Accessories - St Birgitta's Cap, Casting - Badger-head pewter buttons, Bookbinding - 13th century leatherbound book, Leather work - 13th century flacket, Brewing and Vintning: Wine and Mead - Chamomile Mugwort Mead.
Philippe de Lyon Demonstrating Period Activities - pike or little lance fighting, knitting/nalbinding - 16th century knit cap, Reserach - Personal Possessions of the Working Class during the Tudor Period in England, Misc. Tech - Self-Drafting Furnace, Cooking Single Dish - Pease Pottage.
Avery Austringer Costume Accessories - a 15th century belt, Casting - a pewter spoon, Wood construction - Joiner - Frame and panel chest, leatherwork - a 15th century girdle pouch, Cooking Single Dish- Auter Tartus.
Faydwynn Randve Costume accessories - anglo-saxon war belt, weapon-making - anglo-saxon sword, wood embellishment - anglo-saxon sword sheathe, decorative metalwork - anglo-saxon belt buckle, Herbcraft and Apothecary - anglo-saxon wound balm
Airic Orvender (spelling?) Demonstrating period activities - leather tooling, iron working and toolmaking - carved stamping tools, glass work, lampwork beads, leatherwork - case for the Luck of Edenhall glass, cooking single dish - medieval mustards.
2014 Genoveva von Lübeck (winner) Research, Costume: Single Component - a goldhaube, wood embellishment, toy making, play writing
Lynette de Warenne Decorative metalwork, Brewing and Vintning: Specialty Beverages, Brewing and Vintning: Specialty Beverages, Costume Single Component, Research
Gunnar Alfljot Decorative Metalwork, Costume Single Component, Decorative Metalwork, Armor: plate, bardic recitation
Heodez De Talento Minotto Herbcraft and Apothecary, Herbcraft and Apothecary, Research, Demonstrating Period Activities, Costume single component
2013 Heodez de Talento Minotto (Winner) Herbcraft and Apothecary, Demonstrating Period Activities, Herbcraft and Apothecary, Skeletal Materials, Costume: Accessories, Ceramics and Pottery
Ercc Glaison Scientific Instruments, Skeletal Materials, Costume 1101-1350, Demonstrating Period Activities, Leather Work, Costume 1451-1600
Rose of Sternfeld Cooking single dish, Siege Engines, scale, Misc. Textile Arts, Music Performance string instruments, bead work free form (note: entrant was under 18!)
2012 Johannes von Narrenstein Bardic Recitation, Costume: Accessories, Misc. Technological Sciences, Calligraphy, Misc. Studio Arts and Sciences
2011 Sofya Chyudskaya Smolyanina Leather work, Bardic Recitation, Bardic Recitation, Costume: Accessories, Herbcraft and apothecary
Roana Aldinoch Woven belt, Illuminated page, Pewter buttons, Short mead, White sun cap
Duke Alen Elegil (winner) Costume single component - Elizabethan gloves, Demonstrating Period Activities - making spangles (for gloves), Needlework free form - cuffs on a pair of Elizabethan gloves, a research paper on gloves and leatherworking (stamped and cut leather gloves).
Gunnar Alfljot Decorative Metalwork, Demonstrating Period Activities, Skeletal Materials, Decorative Metalwork, Costume Accessories
Verena Entenwirth Brewing and Vintning, Specialty Beverages, Leather work, Armour Non-Metal, Dyeing, Cooking single dish
2010 Anthoinette de Martel Cooking single dish, Costume single component, Costume 1451-1600, Bead work free form, Research
Serena Kimbalwyke (winner) Demonstrating Period Activities - reeling silk, Misc. Domestic Arts and Sciences, Animal Husbandry-silk worms, Illumination, Research (all silk-worm related)
2009 Milesent Vibert (only entrant) Costume single component - a 12th century tunic, cooking single dish - a banquet plate, skeletal materials - a paternoster, Misc. Technological Sciences - Gold thread, Illumination - late 15th century page from a model book
2008 Anthoinette de Martel
2006 Anthoinette de Martel (winner)
Milesent Vibert Calligraphy and Illumination (cross entered) - 16th Century Persian poem, Cooking single dish - 16th Century Persian noodle soup, Costume non-European, 16th Century Persian Noblewoman's attire, Dance non-European - 16th century Persian Dance.
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