92nd Reign of the Middle Kingdom

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Tsar Nikolai and Tsarina Serena at their Coronation
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King: Nikolai

Queen: Serena

Crown Tournament: Nikolai defeated Sir Gunnar Redboar in the finals of crown with short spear. It was a remarkably clean-fought, chivalrous Crown Tournament. Site was ?

Coronation: September 2015, AS 50 Their Coronation was held in the Barony of the Cleftlands at Cleveland Central Catholic High School and St. Stanislaus church. There was an issue with parking on the day of due to a parking ban because of a local football game, quick thinking by event staff and one Lord Meinhard Hammerschmidt who rented a van to serve as a shuttle to the more remote parking and the event site.

Notable events: The 92nd Reign of the Middle Kingdom had a Russian Flair, Their Majesty's personas being 14th century Kiev, they chose to be referred to as Tsar and Tsarina.

For the reign they presented children with gifts in court (coloring books and bagged toys as well as cute little flannel Babushka dolls for infants) and coins for newcomers, which has been done in many reigns past, but added giving out dragon bottle openers to anyone who has been in the SCA for 25 years or more.

Their Majesties also took a 'thumbs up' family photo at almost every event they attended, and almost every event their daughters, the Princesses Royale Lynette la Rousse and Lily Carver, who traveled with them and did great distinction to their role as Princesses Royale.

For Their Arts Champion, Their Majesties decided to hold three separate competitions for three champions, each competition had a theme.

The first "Green" was held at RUM, the second "Heart" was held at Kingdom 12th Night and the Third "Courage" was held at Grand Tournament of the Unicorn.

First Baronial Transition of the Barony of Rivenstar. First Baronial Transition of the Barony of Ayreton.


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