87th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

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King: Lucien

Queen: Catarina

Crown Tournament: Lucien defeated ? in the finals of Crown Tournament. The event was held in upper Michigan (Barony of Andlecrag?)

Coronation: May 4, 2013

Notable events:


Royal Staff:

  • Chamberlain: Sir Logan Na’Sealgaith
  • Chancellor of Travel and Events: Baroness Failenn Brecc
  • Assistant Chancellor of Travel and court secretary: Jahan Ara bint al-Yehya amat al-Hafeeza al-Shyka (Baroness)
  • Head Retainer: Mistress Illaria degli Attavante
  • Mistress of Robes: Hanimefendi Zaynab Yasmine bint Hasan
  • Gift and Largess Steward: Baroness Alaina Blackram
  • Webmaster: Jahan Ara amat al-Hafeeza al-Shyka (Baroness)
  • Ladies/Lords in Waiting:

Knights/Masters elevated: Balthasar Thiadbold, Crispin dela Rochefoucauld, Ingram von Atzinger,

Laurels elevated: Prince Cellach MacCormaic, Arina de Tränetorp

Pelicans elevated: Alzbeta Michalik

Curia Regis:

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