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Coronation May 6, 2017
Resides:Middle Kingdom
Status:Current Member
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
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Azure, a Bengal tiger's head erased contourny proper between three mullets argent. A golden sun in splendor was added as a Royal Augmentation from David and Tangwystl

About this person



William of Fairhaven is an Englishman of Saxon descent living in 1175 England. He lives in the town of Fairhaven located near the modern city of Aldburgh on the Eastern Coast north of London. He came from very modest beginnings so early in his life his parents pledged into the service of a mighty Norman lord. He eventually worked his way up to the station of squire. During his time as a squire he was fortunate enough to gain some renown and was able to marry Isolde de la Ramee, the beautiful and talented daughter of another nearby Norman lord. Some years later he was recognized by the Crown and sworn into service as a Knight. He prefers life away from the courts of London but travels there as needed. Most of the time he spends patrolling the coast, enforcing the King's laws and ensuring the lands he and Isolde have been given are well tended to. He specializes in training fighters and many journey to his keep for training. He spends his leisure time reading and playing music.

Offices & Positions

I received my heavy weapons marshal's warrant May 1990 and it was the most important piece of paper I've ever gotten. Being a marshal creates so many opportunities to serve it's somewhat mind boggling. Since my first warrant I have served as local, baronial and Earl Marshal. I am also warranted for rapier and youth combat. My warrants have created many new opportunities to learn, meeting new people and serve even after I was made a Peer. I served as Kingdom Earl Marshal in the mid 1990's and a lot has changed since then. Back then Equestrian and Rapier were brand new and the Middle Kingdom included what are now the areas of the Kingdom of Ealdoremere and the Kingdom of Northsield. Needless to say this meant significantly more travel and far longer distances than we typically see today. Also, email was a fairly new thing to the public and 90% of all SCA business was still transacted face to face including fighting cards and warrants. I will probably do the Earl Marshal job again and at some point I'd like to put my name in for the Board of Directors. We'll see how it goes :-)

Chivalry Lineage

I was elevated to the Order of Chivalry by Finn Herjolfsson and Garlanda de Stanas at Pennsic 23 (August 8, 1994). Finn's hand was on the sword. This is important to me because Finn was knighted by my Knight, Duke Comar gyr Mirand. So the hand on sword lineage - my line - is as follows:

William by the hand of Finn
Finn by the hand of Comar
Comar by the hand of Talymar (for Corwyn Dragonstar MSCA - Pennsic 17 - 1988)
Talymar by the hand of Laurelen
Laurelen by the hand of Andrew
Andrew by the hand of Franz
Franz by the hand of Cariadoc
Cariadoc by the hand of Siegfried (one of the original 12 knights of the SCA)
Siegfried by the hand of Adral Argo - first Knight of the SCA (Knighted by Diana Listmaker)

This makes me a 9th generation Knight of the SCA. Because of the way lineage works there are some Knights with far less time in the SCA and in the Order than who are actually earlier generations based on who Knighted them (which is pretty darn cool)

Additional information about my Knighting ceremony

I am the 105th Knight of the Middle Kingdom
Elevation occurred in Middle Kingdom Court as Pennsic War 23 (1994) and I was elevated along with Ixtlilixochitl de Los Indios and David Dragonhawk
Duke Eliahu ben Itzhak spoke for me as Pelican
Mistress Alexis McAllister of Beverlay spoke for me as Laurel
Duchess Lisa Dolorosa spoke for me as Rose
Sir Otto von Schwartzkatz presented my sword (a gift from my squire brothers)
I am the 5th Knight to wear the Oaken Lineage spurs - at present it has been worn by over 90 Oaken Knights since I passed them to David Dragonhawk in the same court they were put on my heels

Pelican Lineage

As I was never a protege I have no real Pelican lineage. I was elevated to the Order of the Pelican on June 10, 1995 the day before my 30th birthday by the hand of Valthiona Cuthbert. Brusten de Bearsul begged the boon for my elevation in morning court (he had been elevated to the Laurel and the Pelican at Pennsic 23 the same event I was Knighted). I was elevated in Evening court. Duchess Garlanda de Stanas spoke as my Rose, my longtime friend and training partner Sir Osmundus Thorkelsson spoke as my member of the Chivalry and I cannot recall who spoke as my Laurel - it might have been Mistress Marin of the East Isles. You have to remember there were far, far fewer peers in Flaming Gryphon back then. Brusten was the only Pelican until I was elevated.

Even though I was never a protege, I would like to acknowledge some of the key people who helped me learn what it means to serve in the SCA.

Duke Comar gyr Mirand and Duchess Lisa Dolorosa - Household of Vexillarious (the standard bearer) - I joined Vexillarius in Fall 1983 and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Comar and Lisa taught me that service to the Crown and the SCA was an important part of developing myself. I served them in their two reigns and had an opportunity to get out and see the "big" SCA and the whole of the kingdom.

Duke Talymar gan y Llywn - One of the giants who helped me train and set the kind of example its probably impossible to live up to but I will keep trying

Mistress Claire FitzWilliam - the lady that can just do anything or can get enough people to help that you can accomplish anything, the never quit attitude

In the 22 years I have been a Pelican I have had 4 proteges:

My first was Darius Lowen - a long standing member of my household - he was elevated to the Order of Defense at Pennsic 45 (2016) and I got to help beg the boon
Then came Sorca Drac - a crazy fun bundle of energy - she had also been in my household for a fairly long time - she is currently serving in Our royal household and especially as Our South Oaken retainers coordinator
Then came Galin Ridleye - as is our custom he asked to become a protege 1 year after being in the household; he is an extraordinary herald and hard worker in general
Last is Baroness Soffya von Kulp - she had been in my household for two decades and was originally proteged to Mistres Margarete of Stirlinshire who was married to my squire Finn Finnagin O'Flynn. Yes, households can be complicated. Mistress Margarete was tragically taken by cancer and after 2 years Soffya gave her belt back to Duchess Garlanda who had been Margarete's Pelican. In December of 2016 she asked to become my protege. In July of 2017 she was elevated to the Order of the Pelican by Our hand - one of the happiest things I have ever been able to do - plus the look of shock when We put her on vigil was priceless


Premiere of the Order of the Red Company - also done on the field right before the Unbelted Champions battle at Pennsic 23

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Reign details

95th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

95th Midrealm Crown ( 05/2017–9/2017 )
Preceded by
Edmund V and Kateryn V
Reigned with
Isolde de la Ramee
Succeeded by
Cellach II and Vukasin II
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