96th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

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King: Cellach II

Queen: Vukasin II

Crown Tournament: May 27, 2017. Held at Concordia Lutheran High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana (Barony of Shadowed Stars). Cellach defeated Palymar in the finals. There was a touching moment after the fight when Cellach offered his opponent a cup of water and His Grace declined, insisting his Prince drink first, very chivalrous. The crowd was asked not to post on social media about the finals until His Highness was able to call Countess Vukasin (who was unable to attend the event due to her job) and give her the news that she was indeed the new Princess. Her Highness surprised His Highness by arriving on site for evening court.

Coronation: September 23, 2017. Held at a 4H Fairgrounds in South Bend Indiana, Barony of White Waters. The day was unseasonably warm, thankfully the main hall was air conditioned.

Notable events: Their Majesties issued a Pilgrimage challenge to travel to each of the 5 regions of the Kingdom for events and one out of Kingdom event. Also two "hunt" challenges to shoot archery or participate in thrown weapons at 5 events during their reign. There was also a specific King's Archery Challenge shoot which consisted of a wreath target and a slot target. Creation of the Tournament of Arts


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