53rd Reign of the Middle Kingdom

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King: Edmund

Queen: Kateryn

Crown Tournament: October 21, 1995 in Swordcliff. Runner-up: Daffd ap Gwalchmai

Coronation Date: May 11, 1996 in Vanished Woods. A Story of Coronation by Graf Galen K

Notable events:


  • King's Champion:
  • Queen's Champion: Antonio Cellini
  • Archery Champion:
  • Rapier Champion:

Royal Staff:

  • Chamberlain: Rachelle du Marseilles
  • Head Retainer:
  • Ladies/Lords in Waiting:

Knights/Masters elevated: Crispin Boucher, Tarrach Alfson, Curnan Wesley Macleod, William Ransom, Gunther von Brandenburg

Laurels elevated: Osric Cumbra, Hroar Stormgengr, Talan Gwynek, Ingerith of Egilsay

Pelicans elevated: Bardolf Ulfacson, Gunther von Stein, Jhondo Oakenshield, Giles Devon, Jafar al-Safa

Curia Regis:

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