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Young Pieter in his Cleftlands days
Status:Current Member
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Offices & Positions

CWRU Student Medieval Society Liaison to the SCA - 1980-something

Chivalric Lineage


Pieter was one of the premiere's of the Order of the White Chamfron

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Sixty-seventh King of the Middle Kingdom, Pieter van Doorn started his SCA career in the Barony of the Cleftlands were he served as the liaison between the SCA Barony and the CWRU student Medieval Society group. From that date he had a distinguished career in the Society earning the rank of Pelican and Knight and finally winning the Crown for his lady, Nan Astrid of York. Pieter is perhaps best known for his work as a heavy weapons marshal.

Recently, Pieter has shown enthusiasm for rapier combat.

Reign details

67th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

67th Midrealm Crown ( 05/2003–09/2003 )
Preceded by
Tarrach and Fina
Reigned with
Nan Astrid of York
Succeeded by
Alasdair and Guenievre
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