80th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

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King: Dag VI

Queen: AnneMarie II

Crown Tournament: Dag defeated Bardolph in the finals, site was outdoors (Constellation?)

Coronation: October 3, 2009

Notable events: For this 6th time upon the throne, Duke Dag orchestrated an epic work of theater to make his courts entertaining. There was a "secret" plot where an evil impostor stole the throne and imprisoned the real Dag. The evil impostor kept a "Secret" journal which was published on a website with the exploits of the various events he attended. There was even a rebellion lead by a mysterious figure, "Grey cloak" who turned out to be Prince Radagaisus, revealed at Coronation, of course. Queen AnneMarie was the one who got to stab the impostor whose body was carried away before the real Dag emerged from his hidden prison cell and confessed he was too tired to reign as King.


Royal Staff:

Knights/Masters elevated:

Laurels elevated:

Pelicans elevated:

Curia Regis:

  • Kingdom Seneschal:
  • Dragon Herald: Dafydd Blaidd
  • Earl Marshal:
  • Exchequer:
  • Chronicler:
  • A&S Minister:

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