39th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

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King: Palymar II

Queen: Katherine II

Crown Tournament: October 29, 1988 in Dark River

Coronation: May 13, 1989 in Eoforwic

Notable events: Minister of Regalia and Chatelaine offices created


  • King's Champion: Theodric Von Rostock
  • Queen's Champion:
  • Archery Champion: Brandr Halfdanr
  • Rapier Champion:
  • Arts Chamapion: Audrey Adelicia of Canterbury

Royal Staff:

  • Chamberlain:
  • Head Retainer:
  • Ladies/Lords in Waiting:

Knights/Masters elevated: Brandar Blarhjaalmr, Robert FitzHugh of Bannokhburn

Laurels elevated: Kyrille Andreskevich, Elen o Ddynevwr, Cadwallon y Rhudd, Theodora von Igelheim

Pelicans elevated: Aedan o Kincora, Caffa Muiriath, Elfleda Tarsella Bethoc

Curia Regis:

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