18th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

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King Nathan and Queen Kirsten at the Coronation of Their Heirs, spring 1979
Final court of King Nathan and Queen Kirsten

King: Nathan

Queen: Kirsten II

Crown Tournament: May 27, 1978 in Three Rivers. Nathan defeated Alen Elegil in the finals of Crown Tournament. Both were not knights at the time. The day was unseasonably hot and a test of endurance for the combatants.

Coronation: September 30, 1978 in Wurm Wald

Notable events: First (and only?) double-knighting in the Middle Kingdom at the Crown Tournament to determine their heirs. Alen and Laurelen were both finalists, both not knights. Rather than knight the loser and make the winner wait until after his reign to be knighted, the Crown stopped the tournament and knighted them both on the spot. Alen jokingly claims he was first "because he is taller and the sword hit his shoulder first."


Royal Staff:

  • Chamberlain:
  • Head Retainer:
  • Ladies/Lords in Waiting:

Knights/Masters elevated: Alen Elegil, Laurelen Darksbane, Hugo von Feuerklippe, Corin du Soleil

Laurels elevated: Perygen Northhymbr, Catherine of Meirionnydd

Pelicans elevated:

Curia Regis:

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