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Alaric and Noelle at Pennsic, August 2005
Status:Current Member
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14th Century French

Offices & Positions

Former Cleftlands Musicians Guild Leader


Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Seventy-first Queen of the Middle Kingdom with King Alaric le Fevre, Noelle la Chauciere was a relative new comer to the SCA when she became Princess having only been a part of the Society for three years and only had three gowns! She took to the role quickly and worked diligently to be a good Princess and Queen. She is best known for her work as a musician and choir leader and is also a talented scribe and rapier combatant.

While Princess she authorized as a Combat Archer and Rapier combatant earning the nickname "Firebrand" for her fierceness upon the list.

Reign details

71st Reign of the Middle Kingdom

71st Midrealm Crown ( 04/2005–10/2004 )
Preceded by
Brannos II and Rebekah II
Reigned with
Alaric le Fevre
Succeeded by
Edmund IV and Kateryn IV
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