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Duke Andrew of Seldomrest from his Midrealm Chivalry page.
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Offices & Positions

Former Earl Marshal of the Kingdom

Duke Andrew served as the vicar of the Barony of Middle Marches.

Chivalric Lineage

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Reign details

5th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

7th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

25th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

The Passing of Duke Andrew

From the Minutes of a Cleftlands Baronial meeting on May 23rd, 2001 these words from Duke Laurelen Darksbane about Andrew of SeldomRest, recorded as faithfully as I (Milesent Vibert) was able:

Things have been said, and allow me to dispel rumors of Duke Sir Andrew of Seldom Rest, this is not a eulogy.

For those of us who have been around and have had the pleasure and honor of knowing the man who made so many contributions to our society. Those who have been around twenty years ago and more will remember him with kindness as he made it possible for things to be the way they are. We recently had an event where we explored the history of our barony and kingdom, deeds done which made all this possible...

He was king at the first Pennsic war, and the second, and the eleventh, but there is more to being King than what brings you to that office, what you do once there is what really makes a King. Andrew formed the Curia Regis, every other kingdom in the society starts their laws with "The word of the King is Law" except the Middle Kingdom, that was Andrew's doing. He codified and wrote down the Midrealm laws, before hand most of the laws of the known world were spoken, general and vague, and he in 'british fashion' set the law above the crown. An important distinction. He formed the Curia Regis, the great officers of state, to govern and carry out the business of the society and set them above himself.

Andrew was the first Earl Marshal for our kingdom, he wrote and codified our first marshal's handbook and the first Marshal's handbook for the Society as well.

He was a poet and scholar, a man of great humor and high passion. He would look you in the eye on first meeting and assess you immediately. And he would hold to that opinion until you proved it differently, which was difficult to do, very few managed it as it usually involved looking him back in the eye.

He was a large man, very strong, strong enough to lift me in full armor completely off the ground one handed! I know because he did so in one crown tournament. When Andrew wanted to win a crown tournament, there was no stopping him. He was so strong that he could stand like this, his shield down, casual pose and just.. move his wrist, small movement, flick and crush your helm!

Andrew did some of the first arms and armor testing, he built himself a forge to make riveted chain mail, he wore the first suit of riveted mail, his armor researched to match his persona he made the first barrel helm, wore his mail over a gambeson, plate armor atop and his helm had the most reluctant and grudging padding... he felt that he should accept his lumps out on the field, of course not many could actually give lumps to him.

After his second crown tournament, dark things happened. Suffice to say we all face a dark night in our lives, some come out of the experience, some don't. Two years ago Andrew did battle with a tractor trailer. An accident any ordinary person would have died in, but Andrew was so strong and resilient that against the odds he survived. More than the physical pain he lived with was the mental anguish and despair which can cloud any life.

Andrew sent his suicide note to several mailing lists, to all the peers of the realm which knew him... it was not a plea for help. Andrew was not the sort of man to /attempt/ suicide. His note was very him, a "I'm checking out, good bye."

There was a time when he was a scion of an age of heros. Some day we will all be names associated with deeds. The Egyptians say the gods will exist as long as they are remembered. So is it with us. For those of you who know me, know how important our history is to me and my grand speeches, let me sum up what Andrew meant to me with

Andrew is the man who Knighted me.

There is a moment of silence... and then His Grace with humor ends it:
And that's enough because Andrew would say you're being silly.

He died in May of 2001.

5th Midrealm Crown ( 05/1972–10/1972 )
Preceded by
Iriel and Morna
Reigned with
Anne du Fountain
Succeeded by
Thaid and Alexis
7th Midrealm Crown ( 05/1973–10/1973 )
Preceded by
Thaid and Alexis
Reigned with
Anne du Fountain
Succeeded by
Merowald and Gwendolyn
25th Midrealm Crown ( 05/1982–10/1982 )
Preceded by
Moonwulf and Takya
Reigned with
Sharra de la Praderia Blanca
Succeeded by
Talymar II and Eislinn
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