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Status:Current Member
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Garlanda is the daughter of a minor merchant, and spends her time tending to her keep. Her time period varies depending on what garb she feels like wearing when she gets dressed in the morning.

Offices & Positions

Having spent several years as a local and regional herald, Garlanda became the first Meadows Herald (MK voice herald). She eventually became the first deputy for voice heraldry to the Laurel Queen of Arms. She taught court, tournament and battle heraldry across many kingdoms. She wrote an article on heralding for tournaments that was printed in several successive editions of the Heralds Handbook. She has autocratted more than two dozen events, and been listmistress for several hundred tournaments. She was a deputy to the Society Seneschal focusing on special projects for several years. She featocratted once. She would rather stab herself in the eye with a spoon than do it again. She generally prefers to Do Stuff rather than sit around and watch. She is not very active any more, but can be found at an occasional event in Ohio or Michigan.


The Midrealm Oath of Fealty for the Order of the Pelican is based on the Oath that Garlanda wrote for her own elevation.

Pelican Lineage

Garlanda had the honor of being protoge'd to His Grace Eliahu ben Itzhak. She has had two belted students elevated to the Order of the Pelican, Baron Caelan and the late Dame Margarete of Stirlingshire. Dame Margarete's student Michael av Knaur was elevated to the Pelican in the East Kingdom, creating the four generations of their lineage.

Garlanda's final protoge Serena Kimbalwyke was elevated to the Order of the Laurel. At that time their student/teacher relationship was set aside for the friendship of equals. She has no remaining belted students.

Margarete's students occasionally call her "Granny." This amuses her immensely.

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Garlanda has played hockey for years. She swears this is SCA-related because she sits around watching TV and taping her sticks.

Fourty-sixth and fourty-ninth Queen of the Middle Kingdom

Reign details - 46th Queen of the Middle Kingdom

46th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

49th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

46th Midrealm Crown ( 10/1992–05/1993 )
Preceded by
Ronin and Katya
Reigned with
Finn Herjolfsson
Succeeded by
Dag II and Ilsa II
49th Midrealm Crown ( 05/1994–10/1994 )
Preceded by
Jafar and Catherine
Reigned with
Finn Herjolfsson
Succeeded by
Brannos and Rebekah
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