79th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

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King: EikBrandr

Queen: Runa

Crown Tournament:

Coronation: May 2, 2009. Coronation was held at St. Stanislas Church and Cleveland Central Catholic High School in Cleftlands. Of note, a select group of roughly thirty high school students fitted in servers tabards helped the day of the event which won the admiration of many. The morning court was held in the beautiful Gothic church. The coronation ceremony was elegant, King Eikbrandr walking from the dais to Crown his Queen Runa among her people. The assembled landed barons accompanied Her Highness into court. In a break with modern tradition, court was held after feast which was the norm in years past. The weather was beautiful which made the multiple building site easier to manage.

Notable events: Note this was the third Norse themed reign in a row for the Kingdom, all three from the same household, Throthiem, which inspired one bard to write a funny "Viking Girl" song to commemorate it. Presentation of the box for Humilitas.

At one of Their early courts, His Majesty EikBrandr requested that ladies be escorted into court which was an older custom which had become uncommon. Since this reign, the custom of escorting people into court, both gentlemen and ladies, has become common in the Middle Kingdom.

Baronial Transition for the Barony of White Waters a Vicar was put in place, at Kingdom A&S.


Royal Staff:

Knights/Masters elevated:

Laurels elevated:

Pelicans elevated:

Curia Regis:

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