94th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

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King: Edmund V

Queen: Kateryn V

Crown Tournament: May 2016 Edmund defeated his good friend Cellach MacCormaic in the finals of Crown. As the day was suddenly and unseasonably hot, the finalists took a break between rounds and played a game of chess. Count Cellach won the chess game. Event was hosted by the shire of Mynydd Seren.

Coronation: September 24, 2016. For the evening court Their Majesties processed in to the song "Purple Reign" an homage to the pop music hit "Purple Rain" by music icon Prince who passed away earlier that year.

Notable events: At Their Crown Tournament, the first same-sex fighter and consort entered in this kingdom, Susanna Herst fighting for the honor of Edyth Miller. New Travel Thrones were presented to the Kingdom.


Royal Staff:

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