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Status:Current Member
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10th Century Welshman

Offices & Positions

Warrented armoured combat marshal of the Kingdom of Meridies, specifically for the Shire of Owls Nest.

Chivalric Lineage

Iarll Emrys was a squire to Duke Laurelen Darksbane

He has no current squires of his own but shares his knowledge and experience with any who wish it.

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Thirty-fourth King of the Middle Kingdom with Queen Emelyn Carithil o Gwennydd, Iarll Emrys was a rare unbelted King. He was knighted in May of 1988 by King Corwyn and his knight, Laurelen Darksbane used his personal sword for his knighting. Emrys is an excellent armourer and woodworker. Recently moved to the Kingdom of Meridies he has been known to say that he will always be a Midrealm Knight and the Cleftlands will always be home, no matter where he dwells.

Reign details

34th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

34th Midrealm Crown ( 10/1986–05/1987 )
Preceded by
Palymar and Katherine
Reigned with
Emelyn Carithil o Gwennydd
Succeeded by
Talymar III and Eislinn II
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