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It is a custom, not standard or law, for a Barony to have champions on the model of the Kingdom Champions. The Baron/Baroness selects their champion in the method they see fit, which varies from barony to barony.

Baronial Champions can be quite diverse. Some Baronies have a full spectrum of Baronial Champions for every area including:

  • Archery Champion
  • Heavy Weapons Champion
  • A&S Champion
  • Fencing Champion
  • Youth Combat Champion

Some Baronies only have one over-all champion whose area of expertise may change from year to year. Cleftlands at one time selected its champion with an A&S Competition.

  • Flaming Gryphon Has separate champions for longbow and crossbow archers. The Flaming Gryphon A&S Champion is set a specific task to complete for the year.
  • Cleftlands has a Standard Bearer who is the main champion for the barony, as well an archery and fencing champion and a third champion, the Champion d'arms, who best exemplefies all three marshal arts.

Champions are normally determined through some sort of tournement or competition.

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