Talymar gan y Llyn

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Talymar's knighting at Pennsic 8
Status:Current Member
Preferred Title:
Resides:Middle Marches
Sable, a stag counter-trippant argent, between its antlers a bezant, in sinister base an increscent argent

Twenty-first, twenty-sixth, and thirty-fifth King of the Middle Kingdom.

Alternate spelling in OP: Talymar gan y Lluwynn



Offices & Positions

Baron of Middle Marches: October 2016–present

Chivalric Lineage

One item of note is that Talymar is reportedly the first Midrealm Knight to have sat a vigil before his elevation.

He was a squire of Duke Andrew of Seldom Rest, KSCA, OP

He has the following squires:

He was elevated by the hand of King Laurelen

Pelican Lineage

Laurel Lineage

His Grace was elevated for his work in Anglo-Saxon studies. He was apprenticed to? Has no current apprentices.

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Reign details

21st Reign of the Middle Kingdom

26th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

35th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

21st Midrealm Crown ( 05/1980–10/1980 )
Preceded by
Alen and Emmelyne
Reigned with
Valmai Arcalien
Succeeded by
Laurelen II and Ithriliel II
26th Midrealm Crown ( 10/1982–05/1983 )
Preceded by
Andrew III and Sharra*
Reigned with
Eislinn the Patient
Succeeded by
Corin and Myfanwy
35th Midrealm Crown ( 05/1987–10/1987 )
Preceded by
Emrys and Emmelyne II
Reigned with
Eislinn the Patient
Succeeded by
Eliahu II and Elen II
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