65th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

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Valharic crowns Alys

King: Valharic

Queen: Alys

Crown Tournament:

Coronation: April 13, 2002. Held in Cleftlands at the Bohemian Hall, the same hall Their Royal Parents were Crowned in.

Notable events: First Cleftlands Baronial transition. Her Majesty Alys did a Northshield progress tour. TRM were not a couple, as is more common, rather Valharic had been good friends with Alys's son, and Alys had driven him as a youth to SCA meetings and events. The rumor is that when he was young he told her some day he would be a fighter and win Crown for her. If so, he was a man of his word! They maintained two separate Royal Staffs for their reign.


Royal Staff:

Knights/Masters elevated:

Laurels elevated:

Pelicans elevated:

Curia Regis:

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