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EikBrandr is crowned 79th King
Status:Current Member
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Seventy-ninth and eighty-fourth King of the Middle Kingdom.

EikBrandr Solgyafi was known for many years as Theodric von Rostock, a good German knight. He has a long fascination with Samurai and the art of war and has a lovely set of Japanese armour that he's not worn since he fell in love with Norse culture and gained his new name, EikBrandr meaning "Oak Blade." EikBrandr is a skilled metal worker, well known for his fine Viking Age jewelry, armour, and blacksmithing. He also makes lampwork beads and is a well-read researcher. He is perhaps best known for serving as Midrealm General for Pennsics 36 and 37, winning both for King and Kingdom. Less well known is His Grace's great skill at dance. His old household was Nosse Eldesar he and his Lady Runa have created a new household Naeturaudi, a branch of the Norse village of Trotheim, created with his brother Vikings Ullr Amaranthson, Lutr Ulfskjald, and Gunner Redboar.



10th Century Danish

Chivalric Lineage

Theodric was squire to Sir Alan Culross

His squire brothers include Stevyn Silverthorne of Dracanmor.

He has had the following squires elevated to the Chivalry: Alaric le Fevre, Conrad Schwartzwolf, Artair Mac Neacail, Ulfr Forkbeard

He has the following current squires: Coenhere Hrodgaressune, Bernhardt von Gosslar, Vidarr Einarsson, Segan Gilla Patraic, Kari Garanhirson, Kye Runasson, Tariq al Sanna Af Fjall, Njall Orkneyjarson, Edric Eiksson, Nazir of Trotheim (Currently Resides in the Outlands)

Laurel Lineage

EikBrandr was apprenticed to her Excellency, Mistress Siobhann O'Neill. After her untimely death, he was fostered by Master Jean Paul Pierrepont.

He has one apprentice at this time, Jean le Bref.

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Best known for his swordcraft and Viking age jewelry, he is also interested in blacksmithing, lampwork beads, and armour.

Reign details

79th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

84th Reign of the Middle Kingdom


79th Midrealm Crown ( 05/2009-10/2009 )
Preceded by
Ullr and AnneLyse
Reigned with
Runa Eikbrandrskona
Succeeded by
Dag VI and AnneMarie II
84th Midrealm Crown ( 09/2011-05/2012 )
Preceded by
Arch and Runa K
Reigned with
Runa Eikbrandrskona
Succeeded by
Savaric and Julianna
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