57th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

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Queen Kenna at Pennsic with Prince Dag

King: Prince Jafar II died tragically before he could ascend the throne so Kenna reigned alone.

Queen: Kenna

Crown Touranment: Held in Sternfeld on October 1, 1997. Runner up was Thorbjorn Osis.

Coronation: On April 18, 1998 in Flaming Gryphon

Notable events: The Board of Directors proposed change to Corpora to allow for the posthumous awarding of royal peerages/titles


  • King's Champion: Ozmundus Thorkilsson
  • Queen's Champion: Caelan O'Rogallaig and Giovanni Allegri
  • Archery Champion:
  • Rapier Champion: Wulfgar Hlotharius Von Aachen
  • Scout Champion: Arinbjorn Runolfsson Rafnssonar

Royal Staff:

  • Chamberlain:
  • Head Retainer:
  • Ladies/Lords in Waiting:

Knights/Masters elevated: Michael Au Cluin, Patrig MacMorcat

Laurels elevated: none

Pelicans elevated: Brigh of Writer's Keep, Brand Thorwaldsen, Ilyana Ekaterina Yosipovna, Palymar of the Two Baronies, Lewys Michael Patrick Blackmore, Barak Carthalo, Kirsten Thorsteinsdottir, Kay of Tre Asterium

Curia Regis:

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