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Alys crowned Queen, April 13th 2002
Status:Current Member
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Offices & Positions

First and Third Kingdom Chatelaine; Society Chatelaine; Midrealm Pale Herald; Copy editor for the Compleat Anachronist


Alys was apprenticed to Dame Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles.

She has the following apprentices: She has the following proteges:

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Sixty-fifth Queen of the Middle Kingdom, Dame Alys was already a member of the Order of the Pelican and the Order of the Laurel (for her work with confections and cookery research) when Valharic won the Crown for her. She served as the first and third Kingdom Chatelaine, as well as the Society Chatelaine for five years, and is most proud of her work welcoming newcomers to the SCA. She coordinated the Pennsic University classes for six years, including five in a row. Countess Alys is also an accomplished court herald. She has been Pale Herald for 15 years, retiring from that position at the end of December 2017. She serves as proofreader for The Pale and Compleat Anachronist.

When Alys was about eight years old, a fortune teller told her that one day she would be a queen. As she grew older and left high school, the fortune teller’s prediction faded from memory. Years passed and, when her son was in high school, Alys drove him and his friend, now known as Valharic, to SCA meetings. A few more years passed. Valharic was knighted, and at Pennsic in 2001 asked, “How would you like to be Queen of the Midrealm?” She agreed to let Valharic fight for her in the fall Crown Tourney. On her way home from Pennsic, all of a sudden the memory of the fortune teller’s prediction returned. Valharic won the tourney and in spring Alys became the oldest reigning queen in the SCA – losing that distinction three years later to a queen in the West Kingdom.

Reign details

65th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

65th Midrealm Crown ( 04/2002–09/2002 )
Preceded by
Ragnvalder II and Arabella II
Reigned with
Valharic Caligula Aurelius
Succeeded by
Tarrach and Fina
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