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Order of the Red Company
Blazon:Gules, two flanged maces in saltire argent.
Registered:October 1995
to:Kingdom of the Middle

The Order of the Red Company is an award given by the Crown to those who have shown proficiency and leadership in armored combat.



This award conveys precedence ahead of the Gaping Wound. This award is equal in precedence to the awards: Award of the Dragon's Tooth and Orders of the Dragon's Barb, Cavendish Knot and White Chamfron.

Rights and Privileges

Recipients may wear a badge blazoned: Gules, two flanged maces in saltire argent. And also traditionally a red cloak or cape. The Order gives armigerous status. Recipients of this award are called Companions of the Order of the Red Company and those holders of the Order who have not been elevated to the Chivalry may also be styled and announced as Sergeants of the Red Company and may use the letters C.R.C. after their name and are titled Lord/Lady.


The Order of the Red Company was created by King Finn II and Queen Garlanda II in AS 29 (1994). It was modeled in large part on the "Fyrd" of the Kingdom of Calontir. The purpose of the award was to recognize those armored combatants that had achieved great skill at arms and leadership in melee combat.

Over the years, the scope was expanded and the award is now given to those that have excelled at melee, tournament and/or training activities.

While they are not officially a polling order, the Red Company does still meet and discuss candidates to recommend to Their Majesties for inclusion in the Order.

The primary recipient of The Order of the Red Company was William of Fairhaven (18 Aug, 1994), now Sir William.

Several of the other martial Orders were modeled after the Order of the Red Company, including the Order of the Bronze Ring, Order of the Greenwood Company, and the Order of the White Lance. These all ranked equal to the Order of the Willow and the Order of the Silver Oak originally. When Finn III and Tamara created the Grant of Arms tier of awards in April 2000 the Order of the Red Company as the oldest and largest of these martial orders remained in the Award of Arms tier and the others were elevated to the Grant of Arms tier. At this time the Order of the Red Company was dropped in precedence to its current place to make it equivalent to the other AoA level martial orders. The Order of the Gold Mace was created as the Grant level award connected to the Red Company.

Suggested Scroll Text

See, hear, and read the words of (name of Sovereign), King (Queen) by right of arms of the Middle Kingdom, and (name of Consort), Queen (King) of the Middle Kingdom. In all the armies in history there have been many warriors who have fought and led from within the ranks, rising to positions of great honor. A warrior has many virtues, such as skill at arms, leadership on the field, and teaching of the arts martial. Therefore do we herewith recognize (name of recipient) of the Order of Red Company. Henceforth may he/she style himself/herself a Serjeant of this noble order, and may bear its badge: Gules, two maces in saltire argent, in canton upon his/her shield. Done by our hands this __ day of ___ , Anno Societatis (A.S.) __, in our (location of event).

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