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Njall Tjorkilsson aka Sarpedon
Status:Current Member
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
Gules, a griffin passant and on a chief argent three crescents gules.



  • 3rd Century BC Ptolemaic Greek (Sarpedon)
  • 10th century AD Danish raider. (Njal)
  • 11th century AD Anglo-Dane. (Njal)
  • 12th century AD Dane, former Varangian Guard, Crusader. (Njall)
  • Received an award of Arms AS 51. Inducted into the Order of the Red Company AS 51. Sapphire AS 52.

  • Third Son of Duke Tjorkill Kanne of An Tir. Older brothers are Jarl Wilem Tjorkilsson and Duke Uther of The West.

(resigned peerage october 2008)

  • Knighted by Cellach II, November 4th, 2017 at The Grand Day of Tournaments.

Positions and Offices

  • Midlands Regional Chatelaine as well as XO Legio II Midlands. (Retired)


  • AnTir, West

Chivalric Lineage

William The Silent (AS 2) (W)> Stefan De Lorraine (AS 2) (W)> Jean de la Grand 'Anse (AS 4) (W)> Hagen the Strong (AS 5) (W)> James Greyhelm (AS 6) (W)> Andrew of Riga (AS 8) (W)> Gregory of York (AS 11) (W)> Seamus Peacemaker (Thorin Njalsson, Seamus MacChluraidh of Glenerochaidh) (AS 13) (W)> Darius Corvinus (AS 25) (AnT)> Skapti Thorinsson (Skepti Ravensfury, Skepti Thorinsson) (AS 29) (AnT)> Wilam Tjorkilsson (William of Kent, William Thorinson) (AS 35) (AnT)> Caius Livius Varus Germanicus (Njall Tjorkilsson) (AS 36) (AnT)

2nd knighting: Siegfried von Hoflichkeit >Cariadoc of the Bow >Franz von Blinkend-Lichten >Andrew of Seldom Rest >Laurelen Darksbane >Talymar gan y Llwynn >Cormar gyr Mirand >Bardolph Odger Windlaufer >Cellach mac Cormaic >Njal Tjorkilsson (AS 52) (Mid)

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Aside from heavy combat, Njall is known for Calligraphy and Illumination.


  • Njal moved to AnTir, Principality of the Summits in March 2018.
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