Gregoire de Lyon

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Photo Credit: Patresha GenRose
Status:Current Member
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Resides:Barony of Cynnabar

Gules, a chevron counter-compony vert and argent between two fleurs-de-lys and a pavillion Or



A minor French Knight of the Hundred Years War, primarily the third quarter of the 14th century.

Sir Gregoire and his wife, Maestra Giovanna Adimari, are Lord and Lady of House Bellecour.

Prior to winning his spurs, Gregoire had the honor of being the ninth tenan of the Couter of Chivalry.


Second Baron of Cynnabar, retired

Queen's Champion to AnneMarie de Garmeaulx II

Kingdom Earl Marshal, retired

Chivalric Lineage

Gregoire was squired to Sir Straum von Bairzog

Gregoire was elevated by King EikBrandr Solgyafi II and Queen Runa Eikbrandrskona II

He has the following current squires:

Pelican Lineage

Gregoire was not a protege prior to being elevated to the Order of the Pelican.

Gregoire was elevated by King Ragnvalder Jonsson III and Queen Arabella Silvermane III

He currently has no proteges.

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