Bran Cuileann mac Muirchu ui Niall

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Crusader Battle - Pennsic - 2018
Resides:Roaring Wastes
Status:Current Member
device description

++Sir Bran Cuileann mac Muirchu ui Niall aka Rene Dieucourroux++

   KSCA      1999-04-17  
   ODH       2010-02-13  
   OE        2003-01-04  
   OSO       2000-03-25  
   APF       1990-07-07  
   AKC       2005-01-08  
   ADG       2015-09-19  
   ORC       1994-10-15  
   ODT       1997-08-14  
   AOA       1988-10-08 

++Persona: 1150-1250 Norman Templar. Born in Ulster. Taken to Normandy to Mortaine to squire under un-named knight. Traveled to Rome and Sicily. Joined the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem in 1170. Served primarily in Outremer from Antioch to Jerusalem. Occasionally visiting Sicily, Normandy & Rome.++

++Officer of Social Media Barony of Roaring Wastes, Lt Admin Webminister RW, Armored Combat Marshal, Youth Marshal.++

++Defender of the Realm, Knight Brother House Darkyard, Captain of the Company of Outremer (formerly known as the Commanderie of Antioche)++

++Interests and SCA-related hobbies: Templar and other Holy Orders, Normans, Crusades, Levant/Outremer, Studies 1050-1250, Jack of All trades.++

++Classes: Crusades, Crusader Era Armor, Crusader Era Costuming, etc.++

++Midrealm Forever, Forever Midrealm - MFFM++

Collage of Bran

++Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam++

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