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Order of the White Chamfron
Blazon:(Fieldless) A chamfron argent.
Registered:August 1999
to:Kingdom of the Middle

The Order of the White Chamfron is an award given by the Crown to those who have shown proficiency in equestrian activities or service in promoting the same.


This award conveys precedence ahead of the Gaping Wound. This award is equal in precedence to the awards: Award of the Dragon's Tooth, and Orders of the Dragon's Barb, Cavendish Knot and Red Company.

Rights and Privileges

This award gives armigerous status. Recipients of this award are called Companions of the Order of the White Chamfron and may use the letters C.W.C. after their name and are titled Lord/Lady. The recipients may also wear a badge blazoned: (Fieldless) A chamfron argent.


Award created by? <<TODO>> First recipients Pieter van Doorn, Morgan Goldbeter, and Arial of Dragonsmark - Apr 17, 1999 by TRM Dag and Elayna

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