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Sarai and Luca Sogliano
Status:Current Member
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Resides:Incipient College of Saint Brutus, Barony of Middle Marches

Or a brown bear proper salient maintaining a brown mace proper



Luca is married to Sarai Tindall Sogliano and is living in Venice in the late 14th century. He is a man of arms and merchant.

Offices & Positions


Seneschal of the Incipient College of Saint Brutus


Herald for the Barony Middle Marches
Deputy Herald for the Barony Middle Marches
Chatelain for the Barony Middle Marches
Deputy Seneschal for the Marche of Tirnewydd
Armoured Champion for the Barony Middle Marches


"How English Mercenaries Changed Italy Forever"
"So You want to Fight in a Judicial Duel?"



Squire to Curra Diglach McCein
Member of House Ballae Ban
Student of Master Derian le Breton.

Kingdom Awards

Order of the Dragon's Heart 14 Apr, 2018 (A.S. 52
Order of the Silver Oak 03 Jun, 2017 (A.S. 52)
Award of the Purple Fret 05 Apr, 2014 (A.S. 48)
Order of the Red Company 23 Jan, 2016 (A.S. 50)
Award of Arms 18 Jul, 2009 (A.S. 44)

Baronial Awards

Baronial Champion - Armored Combat 10 Apr, 2015 (A.S. 49)
Warden of the March 30 Sep, 2014 (A.S. 49)
Watchful Tower of the Middle Marches 04 Apr, 2014 (A.S. 48)
Baronial Champion - Armored Combat 30 Sep, 2012 (A.S. 47)
Warden of the Marche 30 Apr, 2012 (A.S. 46)
Gilded Reed 16 Apr, 2010 (A.S. 44)

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

14th Century Armour
14th Century Italian Merchanting

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