Wigthegn the Younger

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Syr Wigthegn presenting his lady in Fall Crown Tournament 2015.
Resides:Barony of Brendoken
Status:Current Member
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Heraldry Needed



Late 9th century Anglo-Saxon in the Kingdom of Wessex

Offices & Positions

Knight's Marshal - Barony of Brendoken

Knight's Marshal - Marche of Gwyntarian
Member of the Unbelted Champions team Pennsic 36, 37,38,41,42,43 and captain of the team for Pennsic 44.

Chivalric Lineage

Former Squire to Count Radagaisus Vidigoia Balthus
Elevated at Pennsic XLV on the battlefield by Ragnvalder Jonsson

Wigthegn has the following squires: Vigfuss mjoksiglandi and Kenneth Kincade


Award Date
Award of ArmsMay 02, A.S. 44 (2009)
Award of the Dragon's ToothAug 04, A.S. 49 (2014)
Order of the Red CompanyOct 21, A.S. 47 (2012)
Order of the Gold MaceSep 27, A.S. 49 (2014)
Order of ChivalryAug 07, A.S. 50 (2015)

Award of the Golden Tower (Barony of Brendoken) NORAD 2014 (A.S. 49)

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

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