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Barony of Sternfeld

Azure, mulletty of four points, on a bend cotissed Or a laurel wreath vert.
Modern Location:Indianapolis, Indiana and environs



Sternfeld is a Barony in the Constellation Region of the Middle Kingdom. Geographically it comprises the city of Indianapolis, Indiana and environs.


  • Arms/Device - Azure, mulletty of four points, on a bend cotissed Or a laurel wreath vert.
  • Badge - Gules, a mullet within and conjoined to five mullets in annulo, the whole within and conjoined to a bordure Or, semy of mullets of four points azure.
  • Badge (Order of the Golden Tower) - Azure, a tower Or within a bordure Or, mulletty of four points azure.

Baronial Awards

Barons and Baronesses

Sternfeld Baronage

Date Baron Baroness
May 27, 1984 - August 16, 1995Caveron O'DellSusan O'Dell
August 16, 1995 - July 26, 2003Eirik DweorgeaxKendra of Darkmoon*
July 26, 2003 - July 19, 2008Jamie BlackroseAudrey Adelicia of Canterbury
July 19, 2008 - July 6, 2013Torquil MacGillavreyMoira MacGillavrey
July 6, 2013 - July 7, 2018Ulfr ImasonOdile de Brienne
July 7, 2018 - July 1, 2023Odo von AtzingerLisabetta von Atzinger
July 1, 2023 - PresentTonis van DrieleAnne Mulligan
  • Kendra of Darkmoon passed away in January of 1997. Eirik continued as Baron until 2003.
  • Lisabetta stepped down May 7, 2022 to be the Her Majesty Runa K II’s rapier champion. Odo continued as Baron until 2023.


Heraldry History

The name Shire of Sternfeld was registered with the SCA College of Heralds in October of 1982. It was updated to Barony of Sternfeld in February of 1987.
The name Barony of Sternfeld was registered in February of 1987.
The heraldic device blazoned "Azure, mulletty of four points, on a bend cotissed Or a laurel wreath vert." was registered in July of 1983.
The badge for the Order of the Golden Tower, blazoned "Azure, a tower Or within a bordure Or, mulletty of four points azure.", was registered in February of 1987. The award name was registered at the same time.
The badge blazoned "Gules, a mullet within and conjoined to five mullets in annulo, the whole within and conjoined to a bordure Or, semy of mullets of four points azure." was registered in August of 1989.


Order of Precedence

Sorted alphabetically by first name.

Name Baronial Kingdom
Aaron Palomides of BuckminsterYeoKSCA, OP, Court, FH (2), AOA
Adam ComynOGT, OOB, Nova, OBG, YeoOD, Court, OBR, OW, APF (3), OCK(2), AOA, RAUG (2), ORV
Agnes of BeckenhamOBG, YeoAOA, ORV
Angus MacGillavreyOGT, AAS, YeoAPF, AOA, AAB, ADT
Anne MulliganOGT, AWC, AAS, Nova, OBG, Yeo, OSVBaron, OL, OE, OW, APF, FH (2), AOA
Aprile di Adamo la ScoziaNova, AUMAOA, ADT
Arch TeryxOBG, YeoDucal, County, CGM, OW, APF, ODT, OCK, ORC, AOA, RAUG, ORV
Audelinde Isabella von MettonYeoAOA
Audrey Adelicia of CanterburyOS, OGT, YeoOL, Court, ODH, OW, APF, AOA
Azrael ben ShemhazaiOS, OGT, AAS, Nova, YeoODH, GOA, APF, ORC, AOA
Benjamin of SternfeldYeoAOA
Bjorn ArnaldssonOGT, OOB, Nova (2), OBG, YeoOBR, APF, OCK, FH, AOA
Branwen ScholasticaOS, AWC, AAS, YeoOL, GOA (OK), APF, FH (3), AOA
Breddelwyn Ap TaliesinOGT, AWC, YeoCourt, OE, OSO, OW, FH, AOA, ORV
Brendan Eion DalcassianOGT, AAS, YeoAPF (2), AOA
Brigid Ingen MaolMichilYeoOW, APF, AOA
Brigitta Rosa von MettenOGT, AWC, Nova, ABG, Yeo, OSVOGC, OW (2), APF (2), AOA (2)
Caristonia AinslieOGT, AWC (3), Nova, OBG, YeoOE, OW, APF, AOA
Ciara EirikswifNova, YeoOW, AOA (2)
Colette the SeamstressOGT, AWC, AAS, Nova (2), Yeo, ACS (co-prem)OE, OW, APF, AOA
Dai GerdwrAWC, OOB, Nova, OBG, YeoOW, APF, OCK, AOA, RAUG
Dyderich WolfhartOS, OGT, OOB, Nova, OBG, Yeo, OSVODH, OE, CGM, OSO, APF, AKC, ORC, AOA, RAUG
Eirik DweorgaexOS, OGT, OOB, AAS, OBG, YeoMSCA, Court, ODH, APF (2), ORC, AOA, RSL
Elisabetta Morosini de MetteniniOGT, AWC, AAS, Nova, Yeo, ACS (co-prem)OE, OW, APF, FH (2), AOA
Ellbríg ingen EoaínOGT, Nova, Yeo, OSVOGC, APF, ODB, AOA
Elspeth of RivenstarYeoAOA
Elwynor ferch Alwen OL, OSO, OW, ADG, APF, AOA
Eydis MarkusirdottirYeo
Frostulf ThorgnysonNova, YeoAOA
Froði KetilssonOGT, AWC, AAS, Nova, OBG, YeoOSO, OW, APF (2), ODB, AOA
Fujiwara no HarumiYeo
Georgi Zukovich ShukouNova, YeoAOA
Gerard MartelYeoAOA
Gerda IgelsdottirOGT, Yeo
Grayson of BuckminsterYeo
Gregory BryantFOS, NovaODH, OBR, OE, OW, APF, OCK, AOA, RAUG (2), ORV
Gunther WolfhartAUM, YeoADT
Hector WolfhartAUMAOA, AAB, RAUG, ADT
Hedvika TanecnikNovaAOA
Horikawa Yukiko von AtzingerNovaAOA, RAUG
InarOOB, Nova, YeoAOA
Jamie BlackroseOS, OGT, YeoOL, Court, OSO, APF, ORC, AOA
Jaric de l'Ile Longe SaultFOS, OGT, Nova, YeoODH, OE, OSO, APF (2), FH (2), AOA, RSL
Jennie O'HalfertyYeoOWC, AOA
Joan of CaernarvonOS, AAS, YeoOP, AQF, APF, AOA
Johann von MettenOS, OGT, AWC, AAS, Nova, ACO, YeoOL, Court, ODH, OSO, OW, APF, AOA
John ap WynneOS (3), OGT, AWC, OBG, YeoOP, OL, ODH, OW, AQF, APF, AOA
John of SternfeldOS, OGT, OOB, Nova, YeoOP, ODH, OSO, ADG, APF (2), AOA
John QuartermainYeoOSO, AOA
Jok TurnourOGT, Nova (2), YeoAPF, AOA, RAUG
Karl von KölnNovaOW, AOA, RAUG
Katherine of SternfeldOGT, YeoDucal, County, OP, Rose, ODH, GOA, ADG, APF, AOA, KAUG
Katrina of SternfeldOS, OGT, AAS, Nova, YeoAPF, AOA
Kemma QuartremaineOGT, AWC, Nova, YeoODH, OW, APF, AOA
Khellian of SternfeldOBG, Yeo, OSVAOA
Kraken ArchsdottirAUMAOA
Leanore de VertearborsOS (2), OGT, AWC, AAS, OBG, YeoOP, ODH, OSO (2), AQF, APF (2), AOA, RSL
Leif AOA
Líadan LiathánAWC, AAS, Nova (2), OBG, Yeo, OSVOW, APF, OCK, AOA, RAUG, AG, APY
Liesl - Elisebetta Matilde von MettenOS, OGT (2), AWC, YeoOE, GOA, OW, APF (2), AOA
Lieth MaclaineYeo
Lillian of BuckminsterYeo
Lisabetta von AtzingerYeoOD, Court, ODH, OBR, APF, OCK, AOA, RSL, RAUG (2), ORV
Llewellan ap TiernanOGT, AWC, AAS, Nova, YeoOP, OL, Court, ODH, GOA, OW, ADG, APF, FH (8), AOA, RAUG (2)
Llywelyn ap LlywarchOGT, AWC, Nova, YeoOW, APF, AOA
Lucia Elena BraganzaOS, OGT, AWC, AAS, Nova, OBG, Yeo, OSVOL, ODH, OE, OW, APF, ODT, OCK, AOA, RSL, RAUG, ORV
Maddie WyattYeoAOA
Margaret Elizabeth O'MonaghanOS, OGT, AWC, Nova (2), OBG, Yeo, ACS (co-prem)OE, OW, APF, AOA
Margaret of HollingfordAWC, YeoOW, FH, AOA
Maud AleynsOGT, YeoOE, OW, APF (2), AOA
Max di MetteniniAUMADT
Meadhbh RamsayOGT, AWC, AAS, Nova, YeoOW, APF, AOA, RAUG
Michael Ermitta da Corleone OW, AOA
Michelle BlancheroseYeoAPF, AOA
Moira MacGillavreyOS, OGT, AWC, OOB, AAS, Nova, OBG, YeoOP, Court, ODH, OBR, OE, OW, APF (2), AKC, OCK, AOA, RAUG (2)
Niall O'RuaircYeoAPF, OCK, AOA
Niamh inghean LachlainnYeoOE, OW, APF, AOA, AG, APY
Nicolas Jean de CarcassonneOGT, Nova, YeoAPF, AOA
Nissa GullriddariNova
Odette d'AmboiseOS, OGT, AWC, AAS, Nova, OBG, Yeo, OSVOP, ODH, OE, OW, ADG, APF, AKC, AOA, RAUG
Odile de BrienneOS, OGT, AWC, AAS, Nova, OBG, YeoCourt, ODH, OE, OW, APF, AKC, OCK, AOA, RSL, RAUG
Oenghus Lok CruethniNova, YeoAOA
Padraig O'Seachnasaigh GOA, FH (2), AOA
Palymar of the Two BaroniesYeoDucal, County, KSCA, OP, ODH, OBR, GOA, ADG, APF, OWC, ODT, OCK, ODB, AOA, RAUG (6), KAUG, ORV
Peter Grau von BremenFOS, OOB, Yeo, OSVOP, OD, Court, ODH, OBR, OW, APF, ODT, OCK, AOA, RAUG, ORV (2)
Robert de TyreOGT, Nova, YeoCourt, OE, OW, APF, AKC, AOA
Robert the PerylousOGT, Nova, YeoOW, APF, AOA, ORV
Robyn WilderkynOGT, YeoOW, APF, ODB, AOA (2), AG
Róis inghean ConaillYeo
Roisin von MettenYeo
Ronan of KeythOS, OGT, AWC, AAS, Nova, YeoODH, OSO, APF (5), AOA, RSL, RAUG (2)
Runa KirriYeoDucal, County, Rose, OCK, AOA
Rurik the RedOGT, AWC, OOB, Nova, OBG (2), YeoOBR, OW, APF, OCK, FH (4), AOA, ORV
Sabrina von AtzingerAUM
Salðís DomnalsdottirOGT, AAS, Nova, YeoAPF, AOA
Sean O'MonaghanAUM, YeoADT
Seanan O'DaireOGT, Nova, ACO, OBG, YeoOE, OSO, APF, AOA
Skameika DraikovnaYeoFH (4), AOA
Sorcha GillespieOGT, AWC, AAS, Nova, Yeo, OSVOE, OSO, APF, AOA
Svenki Magnusson the VarangianNova, OBG (2), Yeo, OSVODH (2), CGM, APF, ORC, AOA, RAUG
Stephen of SternfeldYeoAOA
Syntyche Eslmee OWC, AOA
Temak von AtzingerOOB, Nova, YeoAPF, AOA
Thomas MailerOGT, YeoOL, OSO, APF, AOA
Tim of SternfeldYeo
Tirian of CairnYeoAPF, AOA
Tomyris TigrakaudaYeo
Tonis van DrieleOGT, OOB, AAS, Nova, OBG, YeoBaron, OL, GOA, APF, ODT, FH (5), AOA, RSL, ORV
Torquil MacGillavreyOS, OGT, AWC, OOB, AAS, Nova, OBG, YeoOP, OD, Court, OBR, OE, OW, APF, AKC, OCK, AOA, RAUG
Tualaith of SternfeldOGT, AWC, Nova, OBG, YeoOW, OWC, OCK, AOA, RAUG
Úlfr ImasonOS, OGT, OOB, Nova (2), OBG (2), YeoCourt, CGM, APF, ORC, AOA
Ulrich von Metten AOA
Ulrich WurfelYeoAOA
Ursula BenzNova, YeoAOA
Vérún ÚlfsdöttírAUM, YeoADT
Vincent von WaldeheimOGT, AWC, YeoOE, OSO, APF, AOA
Waldetrudis von MettenOS, OGT, AWC, AAS, Nova, ACO, OBG, YeoOL, ODH, OE, OW, APF (2), AKC, AOA, RAUG
Wulfwen atte BelleOGT, AWC, Nova, YeoOL, ODH, OE, OW, APF, AOA, RSL

Midrealm Baronies: Andelcrag, Ayreton, Brendoken, Carraig Ban, Cleftlands, Cynnabar, Donnershafen, Fenix, Flame, Flaming Gryphon, Illiton, Middle Marches, Northwoods, Red Spears, Rivenstar, Roaring Wastes, Shadowed Stars, Shattered Crystal, Sternfeld

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Other Territories: Riding: Hawkland Moor, College: Saint Brutus, Hamlets: Dun Traigh, Blackhawk

Incipient and Proto-Incipient: Auenwald, Austrigatt, Cetus, Grenemere

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