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Barony of Sternfeld

Azure, mulletty of four points, on a bend cotissed Or a laurel wreath vert.
Modern Location:Indianapolis, Indiana and environs

Sternfeld is a Barony in the Constellation Region of the Middle Kingdom. Geographically it comprises the city of Indianapolis, Indiana and environs.



The Barony of Sternfeld has the following Baronial Champions:

Baronial Awards

Barons and Baronesses

Sternfeld Baronage

Date Baron Baroness
May 27, 1984 - August 16, 1995Caveron O'DellSusan O'Dell
August 16, 1995 - July 26, 2003Eirik DweorgeaxKendra of Darkmoon*
July 26, 2003 - July 19, 2008Jamie BlackroseAudrey Adelicia of Canterbury
July 19, 2008 - July 6, 2013Torquil MacGillavreyMoira MacGillavrey
July 6, 2013 - July 7, 2018Ulfr ImasonOdile de Brienne
July 7, 2018 - PresentOdo von AtzingerLisabetta von Atzinger
  • Kendra of Darkmoon passed away in January of 1997. Eirik continued as Baron until 2003.
  • Lisabetta stepped down May 7, 2022 to be the Her Majesty Runa II’s rapier champion. Odo continued as Baron


 No regular practice, currently.
 Summer: 6:30pm - 9pm
Winter: 6:30pm - 9pm
Tuesdays at Hendricks County Fairgrounds, 1900 E Main St, Danville, IN 46122
  • Bardic
 Third Wednesday of every month, 7:00pm - 9:00pm, location varies. See Facebook page for announcements.
  • Cooks Guild
 Third Sunday of the month, see website for location.
  • Costumers
 First Thursday of the month, 6:30pm - 9:00pm.
January, February, April, May, July, August, October, and November meetings take place at local restaurants, see website for details.
March, June, September, and December meetings take place at [St. Timothy's Episcopal Church]

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The Barony of Sternfeld

Order of Precedence

Sorted alphabetically by first name.

Name Baronial Kingdom
Adam ComynYeo, BGOD, Court, OBR, OW, APF, OCK(2), AOA, RAUG
Agnes of BeckenhamYeo, BGAOA
Alessandra Morosini di Mettenini ADT
Amalie of BeckenhamYeoDucal, Rose, OW, AOA
Amanda of OaklandonYeo
Anastasia von MettenYeoAPF
Androu MaclachlanYeo, Nova, OGT, BGAPF, OCK, AOA
Angus MacGillavreyYeo, AS, OGTAPF, AOA, AAB, ADT
Anne MulliganYeo, BGFH (2), AOA
Antonio BelliniYeo, Nova, OGTODH, APF, AOA
Aprile di Adamo la ScoziaUMADT
Arthur Nathaniel ArcherYeo, WCOW, AOA
Audelinde Isabella von MettonYeoAOA
Audrey Adelicia of CanterburyYeo, OGT, OSOL, Court, ODH, OW, APF, AOA
Austorga de ClermontYeo, Nova, OGTAPF, AOA
Azrael ben ShemhazaiYeo, Nova, AS, OGTODH, GOA, APF, ORC, AOA
Bjorn ArnaldssonYeo, Nova, OB, OGT, BGAPF, OCK, FH, AOA
Branwen ScholasticaYeo, AS, WC, OSOL, APF, FH (3), AOA
Breddelwyn ap TaliesinYeo, WC, OGTCourt, OE, OSO, OW, FH, AOA, ORV
Brendan Eion DalcassianYeo, AS, OGTAPF (2), AOA
Brigide Von MettenYeo, Nova, WC, OGTOW, APF, AOA
Cameron of BeckenhamYeoDucal, KSCA, ORC, AOA
Caprisha WyattYeo
Caristonia AinslieYeo, Nova, WC (3), OGT, BGOW, APF, AOA
Cecily O'DonellYeo, Nova, WC, OGT, BGODH, CBR, OW, APF (2), OCK, ODB, AOA, ORV
Cerridwynn nic AlisterYeo, Nova, WC, OGT, FOSODH, OE, GOA, OW, APF, FH (2), AOA
Cera EirikskonaYeo, NovaAOA
Colette the SeamstressYeo, Nova, AS, WC, OGTOE, OW, APF, AOA
Cordelia Elvera de BarfleurYeo, Nova, WC, OGT, OSODH, OW, APF (2), AOA
Dai GerdwrYeo, Nova, OB, BG, WCAOA, PF, OW, OCK
Daidhidh Gwendolyn De Dughghlas Nic ChatainYeo, Nova, OGTCourt, ODH, OE, OSO, APF, AOA
Demetrious the UndecidedYeo, OGTOGC, ODB, AOA
Duncan Sinclair the CordwanierYeo, Nova, OGTAPF, AOA
Dyderich WolfhartYeo, Nova, OB, OGT, BG, OSODH, OE, CGM, OSO, APF, AKC, ORC, AOA, RAUG
Eadric of GrenefeldaYeo, Nova, OB, OGTOSO, APF, ODB, AOA
Einarr Refskegg (also Ailin O' Connell)YeoAOA
Eirik DweorgaexYeo, OB, AS, OGT, BG, OSMSCA, Court, ODH, APF (2), ORC, AOA, RSL
Elisabetta Morosini de MetteniniYeo, Nova, WC, OGTOE, OW, APF, FH (2), AOA
EllbrígYeo, Nova
Elspeth of RivenstarYeoAOA
Emme Foster of WhikhamYeo, Nova, OGTAPF, AOA
Estelle WhitleyYeoAOA
Floriana Margerita the BardYeo, Nova, WC, OGTAPF, AOA
Froði KetilssonYeo, Nova, AS, WC, OGTOSO, APF, ODB, AOA
Genevive of SternfeldYeo, Nova, WC, UM, OGTAOA, AAC, ORV, ADT
Gerard MartelYeoAOA
Gerda IgelsdottirYeo, OGT
Grainne inghean Bhriain mhic NeillYeo, Nova, OGTGOA, APF, FH (4), AOA
Gunther WolfhartYeo, UMADT
Hadley of BeckenhamYeo, Nova, OGTCourt, APF, AOA
Hans of BeckenhamYeoODB, AOA
Hector WolfhartYeo, UMADT, AB
Ian MacChatainYeo, Nova, OGTCourt, ODH, APF, AOA
InarYeo, NovaAOA
Isabella SharmanYeoOW, APF, AOA
Jacques PierreYeo
Jamie BlackroseYeo, OGT, OSOL, Court, OSO, APF, ORC, AOA
Jamisin Blue EyesYeo, UMADT
Jaric de l'Ile Longe SaultYeo, Nova, OGT, FOSODH, OE, OSO, APF (2), FH (2), AOA, RSL
Jean-Belden RoweYeo, NovaAOA
Jennie O'HalfertyYeoAOA
Jessica Blue EyesYeo, UMAAC, ADT
Joan of CaernarvonYeo, AS, OSOP, AQF, APF, AOA
Jocelyn Bright EyesYeo, UMAAC, ADT
Johann von MettenYeo, AS, WC, OGT, OS, COOL, ODH, OSO, OW, APF, AOA
John ap WynneYeo, WC, OGT, BG, OS (3)OP, OL, ODH, OW, AQF, APF, AOA
John of SternfeldYeo, Nova, OGT, OSOP, ODH, OSO, ADG, APF, AOA
John Paul DevereauxYeo, AS, WC, OGTOL, OSO, OW, APF
Jok TurnourYeo, NovaAOA, RAUG
Kabiri DalihabYeoAOA
Karl von TysonYeo, Nova, OGTAOA
Katherine of SternfeldYeo, OGTDucal, OP, Rose, ODH, GOA, ADG, APF, AOA, KAUG
Katrina of SternfeldYeo, Nova, AS, OGT, OSAPF, AOA
Kemma QuatremaineYeo, Nova, WC, OGTODH, OW, APF, AOA
Korinna AttikaYeo, UMADT
Leanore de VertearborsYeo, AS, WC, OGT, BG, OS (2)OP, ODH, OSO (2), AQF, APF (2), AOA, RSL
Líadan LiathánYeo |OW, APF, OG, APY, RAUG
Lieth MaclaineYeo
Leonardus of SternfeldYeo, Nova, OGTAPF, AOA
Liesl - Elisebetta Matilde von MettenYeo, WC, OGT (2), OSOE, GOA, OW, APF (2), AOA
Llewellyn ap TeirnonYeo, Nova, WC, OGTOP, OL, Court, GOA, OW, ADG, APF, FH (8), AOA
Llywelyn ap LlywarchYeo, Nova, WC, OGTOW, APF, AOA
Lothar NachtschattenYeoKSCA, Court, APF, ODT, ORC, AOA, ORV (2)
Lucia Elena Beatrice BragançaYeo, AS, WC, OGT, OSOL, OE, OW, APF, AOA, RSL
Maddie WyattYeoAOA
Magdalen verch MadochInactive.
Margaret Elizabeth OíMonaghanYeo, Nova, WC, OGT, BG, OSOE, OW, APF, AOA
Margaret of HollingfordYeo
Margery Jennet of LincolnYeo, Nova, AS (2), OGT, OS, COODH, OW, APF, AOA, RSL
Mateo LopezYeo, Nova, OGT, BGAPF, AOA
Maud AleynsYeo, OGTOE, OW, APF (2), AOA
Meadhbh RamsayYeo, Nova, OGTOW, AOA
Megan de GrinsteadYeo, Nova, WC, OGT, OS, COOL, OSO, OW, APF (2), AOA
Michael de QuarmbyYeo, Nova, OGT, BGOWL, APF, OWC, AOA
Moira EiriksdottirYeo, Nova (3), OGT, BG, OSOP, ODH, OBR, OW, APF, ODT, OCK, AOA, ORV, ADT
Moira MacGillavreyYeo, Nova, OB, AS, OGT, BG, OSOP, Court, ODH, OBR, OE, OW, APF (2), AKC, OCK, AOA, RAUG
Necu HawkeYeo, OBOBR, OCK, AOA, ODT
Niall O'RuaircYeoAPF, OCK, AOA
Niamh inghean LachlainnYeoOE, OW, APF, AOA, AG, APY
Nicolas Jean de CarcassonneYeo, NovaAOA
Odette d'AmboiseYeo, Nova, WC, OGT, BG, OS, ASOP, ODH, OE, OW, ADG, APF, AKC, AOA
Odile de BrienneYeo, Nova, AS, WC, OGT, BGBaron, OE, OW, APF, AKC, OCK, AOA, RSL
Padraig O'Seachnasaigh GOA, FH (2), AOA
Palymar of the Two BaroniesYeoDucal, KSCA, OP, ODH, OBR, GOA, ADG, APF, ODT, OCK, ODB, AOA, RAUG (3), KAUG, ORV
Peter Van KauwenberghYeo
Priscilla The HunYeo, WC, OGTOL, Court, ODH, OSO, APF, AOA, RAUG, ORV
Raghnall MacSiurtainYeoAOA
Rhiannon Siobhan ShynaneYeo, AS, OGT, BG, OSOP, Court, ODH, ADG (2), APF, AOA, RSL, KAUG
Robert de TyreYeo, OGTOW, APF, AKC, AOA
Robert the PerylousYeo, Nova, OGTOW, APF, AOA, ORV
Róis alann inghean Uí FhlaithbheartaighYeo, Nova, WC, OGT, BGOE, OW, APF, AOA
Roisin von MettenYeo
Ronan of KeythYeo, Nova, AS, WC, OGTODH, APF, AOA
Rose Robyn of WinchesterYeo, UMAOA, ADT
Rurik the RedYeo, Nova, OB, WC, OGT, BGOBR, OW, APF, OCK, FH (4), AOA, ORV
Salðís DomnalsdottirYeo, Nova, OGTAPF, AOA
Sorcha GillespieYeo, AS, WCOE, OSO, AOA
Sean O'MonaghanYeo, UMADT
Sean of SternfeldYeo, UMADT
Seanan O'DaireYeo, Nova, OGT, BG, COOE, OSO, APF, AOA
Skameika DraikovnaYeoFH (4), AOA
Svenki Magnusson the VarangianYeo, BGODH, APF, AOA
Stephen of SternfeldYeoAOA
Syntyche Eslmee
Thórfinnr ThengilssonYeo, Nova, BGAOA
Thorgrimr SnæbjarnarsonYeoAOA
Tim of SternfeldYeo
Tirian of CairnYeoAPF, AOA
Tobias Alan MacKenzieYeo, Nova, WC, OGT, OSODH, APF, AOA
Togashi no RyukataYeo, Nova, OGTODH, APF, AOA
Tonis van DrieleYeo, Nova, BGOL, GOA, FH (5), AOA
Torquil MacGillavreyYeo, Nova, OB, AS, WC, OGT, BG, OSOP, OD, Court, OBR, OE, OW, APF, AKC, OCK, AOA, RAUG
Tristan HarouYeo, BGODT, AOA
Tuathlaith of SternfeldYeo, Nova, OGTOWC, OCK, AOA
Úlfr ImasonYeo, OB, OGT, BG, OSBaron, CGM, APF, ORC, AOA
Valadar SparrowhawkYeo, Nova, OGTODB, AOA
Valeria ContadinaYeo, NovaAPF (2), AOA, RAUG
Vincent von WaldeheimYeo, WC, OGTOSO, APF, AOA
Vladimir Igorevich ZholtovYeoFH (2), AOA
Waldetrudis von MettenYeo, Nova, AS, WC, OGT, BG, OS, COOL, ODH, OE, OW, APF, AKC, AOA
Wilfred Eadricson the ArcherYeoAOA
William WyattYeo
Willow of SternfeldYeo, UMADT
Wolfgang von MettenYeoAOA
Wulfwen atte BelleYeo, Nova, WC, OGTOL, ODH, OE, OW, APF, AOA, RSL
Xenon the NebulousYeo, WC, OGT, BG, OSOE, OSO, APF, AOA
Ysabel De La ZarzaYeo, Nova, AS, WC, OGTODH, OW, APF, FH, AOA

Midrealm Baronies: Andelcrag, Ayreton, Brendoken, Carraig Ban, Cleftlands, Cynnabar, Donnershafen, Fenix, Flame, Flaming Gryphon, Illiton, Middle Marches, Northwoods, Red Spears, Rivenstar, Roaring Wastes, Shadowed Stars, Shattered Crystal, Sternfeld

Midrealm Shires: Afonlyn, Altenberg, Aurea Ripae, Baile na Scolairi, Blackhawk, Caer Gwyn, Cuil Choluim, Dark River, Dragon's Vale, Dragonsmark, Eastwatch, Falcon's Quarry, Grenemere, Greyhope, Mynydd Seren, Narrental, Okenshield, Qal`at Ja`far, Ravenslake, Rivenvale, Riviere Constelle, Starleaf Gate, Steren Codha, Stormvale, Swordcliff, Talonval, White Waters

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Other Territories: Riding: Hawkland Moor, College: Saint Brutus

Incipient and Proto-Incipient: Auenwald, Austrigatt, Cetus, Grenemere, Woods End

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