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Service as Gate Guard Pennsic 45
Status:Current Member
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Resides:Barony of Sternfeld

Purpure, three coneys contourney rampant argent each maintining an oak branch proper


SCA History

2014-present Calendar Secretary, Middle Kingdom. Responsibilities include weekly monitoring of the Middle Kingdom Calendar mailbox, reviewing requests for addition to the calendar, checking the 100 mile rule, obtaining Seneschal approval of events, monthly contact of Royalty to update the calendar and submission of specifically formatted calendar for the Pale publication.

2010-2014 Constellation Regional Signet Responsibilities include receiving court lists from the Kingdom Signet for any events in the Constellation Region, securing scribal assistance for each scroll, collecting the scrolls, attending the event, contacting TRM and arranging signing of each scroll and standing in court assisting the Herald in his or her duty in court with regards to scrolls.

2007-2009 Constellation Regional Chronicler Responsibilities included tracking and assistance of Chroniclers in the Constellation Region. Answering questions, review and documenting changes in Chroniclers in the Constellation region and completing quarterly reports to the Middle Kingdom Chronicler.

2005-2007 Barony of Sternfeld, Webminister Responsibilities included creating and maintaining website for group of over 200 members.

Other experience: Autocrat, Royal Liason, Royal retaining, Troll/Gate –o-crat for Simple Day, last minute scribal assignments, serving and/or assisting with cooking of feast, Pennsic Heralds point volunteer, Midrealm guard duty, and anywhere else I am needed.


Protégé to Mistress Moira MacGillavrey, Baroness of Sternfeld.

Kingdom Awards

Award of Arms

Award of the Purple Fret

Order of the Willow

Order of the Dragon's Heart

Barony of Sternfeld Awards

Order of the Sternfeld Yeoman (The Award shall be given to individuals, resident in the Barony, who have taken up the study of the arts of warfare or of peace.)

The Award of the Nova (Service award, The Award shall be given to individuals for individual instances of exceptional service)

The Award of the Winged Crescent (A&S award, The Award shall be given to individuals for skills in the Arts and Sciences)

Order of the Golden Tower (Service award; Members of the Order recommend those deserving admittance to the Order by virtue of their service to the Barony)

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