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Barony of Rivenstar

Azure, a riven star between in bend sinister two laurel wreaths, all argent
Founded:October 25, 1975
Modern Location:West Lafayette, IN, Including Benton, White, Warren, Tippecanoe, Clinton, Fountain, Montgomery, most of Carroll, and part of Jasper Counties



Rivenstar is a Barony in the Constellation Region of the Middle Kingdom. Geographically it comprises the Indiana counties of Benton, White, Warren, Tippecanoe, Clinton, Fountain, Montgomery, most of Carroll, and part of Jasper. The barony is headquartered in West Lafayette, Indiana at Purdue University.

Barons and Baronesses

Rivenstar Baronage

One item of note about the Barony of Rivenstar is that it retained its premiere Baron, Duke Moonwulf Starkaadersson (who, in ancient tradition, can be named "Baron Rivenstar") for over 40 years. The first baroness was Zarina D'aeth.

Takaya Mereleone (formerly Takya) and Moonwulf stepped down as Baroness and Baron in April 2016. Adhamh MacAoidh and Malie Bean MhicAoidh were invested the same day as the second Baron and Baroness of Rivenstar.

The current baron and baroness of Rivenstar are Aendru and Enkara.

Baronial Awards

The Barony of Rivenstar and its populace are the only members of the SCA permitted to use the "riven star" as a heraldic charge. The charge was created in the 1970s, but according to Mistholme.com, "The 'riven star' is essentially a compass star disjointed per bend sinister; as it has no period exemplars, the riven star is no longer registerable." The Barony itself is the only exception to this rule, with the riven star permitted for use in baronial awards and populace badges.


  • Order of Rivenstar (registered 1979) - first awarded in 1974 and originally the barony's only award, it is now given specifically for service to the Barony of Rivenstar. Its badge is: azure, a riven star argent, and is typically displayed on a round or diamond-shaped pendant.
  • Order of the Barbed Star (Closed)
  • Order of the Silver Acorn - created in 1999 as the barony's arts and sciences award, the award is sometimes called "The Landlady's Silver Acorn" in honor of Sylvija the Landlady, now deceased, who was Rivenstar's Minister of Arts and Sciences for many years. Sylvija's nickname was "Sparky", so the award is also sometimes referred to as the "Riven-sparky". The primary charge on her device was a silver acorn. The current badge of the award is a silver acorn superimposed on a riven star, but this badge is not registerable. Efforts are underway to alter the badge so that it may be officially registered. Because the award itself was never officially registered, the Middle Kingdom able to officially create and bestow a youth arts award also known as the Silver Acorn in 2001.
  • Defender of Rivenstar - created in 2000, the Defender is the barony's martial award; its badge is not officially registered, and is currently identical to the Order of Rivenstar, but displayed on a shield-shaped pendant. Efforts are underway to alter the badge slightly so that it may be officially registered.
  • Order of the Guiding Light/ Guiding Star - first bestowed in 2016, this award is given for those who demonstrate compassion, leadership, and inspiring behavior within the barony. There is currently some confusion as to whether the badge of the award is intended to be the tower badge listed below as a populace badge. The name of the award is also not registerable, and efforts are underway to alter it to something that may be officially registered.

Populace Badge

  • Registered in 1979: Azure, a riven star argent.
  • Registered in 2015: (Fieldless) On a tower azure, a riven star argent.

Other Badges

  • Alchemy Guild - registered in 1979, this guild is presumably defunct. Its badge according to the SCA Ordinary and Armorial is "Quarterly gules, azure, vert and sable, a retort reversed purpure fimbriated Or."

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