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a Baron in his second most common habitat: talking
Resides:Barony of Sternfeld
Status:Current Member
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Sable, a lantern argent, between two flaunches barry wavy gules and argent

Master Adam Comyn



Usually 16th c Neopolitan (and here it gets confusing)

Sometimes 12th c Italo-Norman

Offices & Positions

Dean of the College of Introductions and Experiments, in the Royal University of the Midrealm (09/2017-current)
Rapier marshal for the Barony of Sternfeld, Constellation, Midrealm (11/2016-current)
Peer-in-Charge for the Tournament of Defense

Rapier marshal for the Barony of Rivenstar, Constellation, Midrealm (a very long time ago)
Regional Rapier Marshal for Constellation (2000-2003)
Rapier Champions Commander, Pennsic XXXIV
Head Retainer, Palymar III and Aislinn I


Former Squire to Duke Palymar of the Two Baronies
Former Protege to Duke Jafar al-Safa

Elevated to the Order of Defense at the Rose Tourney of Rangvaldr and Arabella

Award of Arms ---- 13 Apr, 1996 (A.S. 30)
Award of the Purple Fret ---- 20 Sep, 1997 (A.S. 30)
Court Baron in the first reign of Palymar and Aislinn ---- 18 Apr, 1998 (A.S. 32)
Order of the Cavendish Knot ---- 10 Jun, 2000 (A.S. 35)
Order of the Willow ---- 27 Jan, 2001 (A.S. 35)
Order of the Cavendish Knot ---- 01 Sep, 2001 (A.S. 36)
Order of the Bronze Ring ---- 13 Apr, 2002 (A.S. 36)
Order of Defense ---- 19 Sep, 2015 (A.S. 50)
Royal Augmentation of Arms in the second reign of Cameron and Amalie, of
   Three Adams at a table, Bickering ---- 27 Aug, 2016 (A.S. 51)
Award of the Purple Fret ---- 07 Jul, 2018 (A.S. 53)

Defense Lineage

Adam was not himself a Provost, but has been known to take Cadets, Wards, and Provosts.
One Cadet, Dame Sibyl Sevenoke was made a member of the Order of Defense in Northshield.
He currently has one Beloved Provost: Odile de Brienne

Guleterra Gnostyl

The terrible revelations of The One True Fencer, captured in several parts: The Manual The Definitions The Melee Manual

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

History: bara-system sewing, heraldry and calligraphy, rapier of Nicoletto Giganti, music of Carlo Gesualdo, daily life for a 16th c Neapolitan

Application: The pedagogy we currently (and could be) using in the SCA; The history behind and re-creation of the duels for honor; The agnostic styles and approaches for a pragmatic fighter; Working as a crossover fighter from a rapier perspective

Storytelling: The (ahem) translated works of Guleterra Gnostyl; The diaries of Baron Adamo di scozia

Classes Taught and Would Teach Again

Guletera Gnostyl – How to Put the Pointy End into the Other Guy
A wholly remarkable and not at all tongue-in-cheek approach to fighting in a period style against other people in a period style
Gnostyl Melee - How to Put our Pointy Ends into those Other Guys
An introduction to melee which is just as period as the first manual
Gnostyl Definitions
A primer on the nouns and verbs rapier fighters use, including how to translate between rapier-speak and rattan-speak

Duel History and Practice
A brief history of dueling within the cultures of the SCA timeframe, and within the cultures of the SCA, and some advice on how to recreate the spirit of the duel, including the often necessary secrecy when participating in one.
Effective Teaching in an Hour
A class on 'pedagogy' intended for all levels of teaching experience, providing guidance on how to pick, prepare, and present a topic in an SCA instructor's context. Includes a solution to the interrupting cow!
The Four Fighting Styles
How to analyze an opponent in real time along two axes of behavior (willfulness and aggression), and then capitalize on what they've revealed about the way they fight.
The Sprit of the Law
An advanced marshaling class, discussing the WHY of being a good marshal which goes beyond the document-based chapter and verse. If you have been a marshal for more than ten years, this class will remind you which rules aren't rules anymore. If you're nearing the end of your MIT process, this class is your best chance to speak out about what you've learned.
Three Basic Melee Drills
An active participation in armor class, where we cover three melee games - Fox and Hounds, Seven Seconds of Heck, and Adam's Smasher. Each drill teaches a different set of context clues, which we will describe and then demonstrate.
A Rapier Teaching Formula
A multi-week approach combining drills and sparring for three general classes of fighter (the neophyte, the crossover, the prodigal) to bring them from their first time in armor to a point where they can help direct their own learning.

Fighting Isn't Just Fighting : in development : Many skills do cross over between the rapier-side and the rattan-side of our combat sports. But there are some core differences which trip everybody the first time, and which are a dead give away for revealing your comfort zone (and weaknesses).
Spear, as seen by a Master of Defense : in development : Most rattan folk don't like it when a rapier guy picks up a spear. I'll explain what I'm doing that's working so well, and offer some advice and drills to improve yourself.
The Invitation: A Deed of Culture (Armada) : in development : In Naples in the year 1589, I welcome all who would gather at my villa for an evening's entertainment and discussion of the events of the day. News has just reached us of an attempt by the English to attack our fleet at Lisbon and the Azores, while conflict continues in the Low Countries and now France. For those needing a more academic topic, there will be time set aside to discuss the nature and necessity of the duel.
The Invitation: A Deed of Culture (Murder) : in development : In Naples in the year 1590, I welcome all who would gather at my villa for an evening's entertainment and discussion of the events surrounding the Prince of Venosa and his wife.

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