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Tonis van Driele is the son of a Scottish clanswoman and a sailor from the lowlands of Gelderland in modern day Netherlands. At age 12, Tonis joined a passing ship's crew to travel the world. 9 years later, while in an Irish pub, he met and married the daughter of the proprietor. Although his sailing days had ended, he and his wife, Anne, spend much time travelling. Known mostly for his musical and speaking talents, Tonis has made a living as a part-time warrior, an entertainer, an occasional herald, and teacher.

I joined the SCA in 1993 while living in the Barony of Tir Ysgithr (Tucson, AZ), Kingdom of Atenveldt and relocated to the Shire of Qu al Jafar and Barony of Sternfeld (near Indianapolis, IN) in 2007.

Atenveldt does not specify a laurel's field of elevation but it is widely accepted that mine was for Bardic Performance and promotion of the Bardic Arts.


Squired to Herzog Matthias von Leuwenburg (West/Atenveldt) at Estrella War in 1995. Returned my squire's belt when I was elevated to the Order of the Laurel as we mutually agreed our feeling was a peer's fealty should be to the Crown rather than to another peer. (YMMV)

My lineage goes backward from Herzog Matthias von Leuwenberg to Duke Mark von Neumannsgrund, to Duke Trelon of the Woods and beyond.

Best known as one of the founding (and current) members of the singing group, The Whiskey Bards as well as for running the annual Crystal Flute Bardic & Crystal Fruit Filk competitions at Estrella War for 10 years. Served 3x as Crown/Chaplet Herald in Atenveldt and as principle Grand Court herald for 2 Estrella Wars...and thus beheaded 3x for various infractions (imagined or otherwise) subsequent to each reign. (Hey, we all need to be famous for something, right?...I'm the Headless Herald of Atenveldt legend!)

Has served as kingdom bard in both Midrealm and Atenveldt. Continues to fight both Armored (primarily) and Rapier (occasionally) with the Midrealm army under the banner of the Barony of Sternfeld. Has served 3 terms as the Armored Champion of Sternfeld.

Favorite catch phrase: "Bards have no ego." snort

For potential apprentices, please note that I typically do not approach individuals to enter a Master/Apprentice relationship but would rather be approached by someone who feels that they want to pursue such a relationship specifically with me. Expect to have a lot of discussion and soul searching before a formal relationship of this nature will occur. You do not have to be my apprentice for me to happily teach/advise you.

Apprentice: Forester Brigitta von Metten (poetry)

Offices Held:

  • Herald-at-Large (Midrealm)
  • Baronial Deputy Herald (Barony of Tir Ysgithr)
  • Baronial Deputy Seneschal (Barony of Tir Ysgithr)

Appointed Positions & Championships:

  • Chaplet Herald (Sarolta of Atenveldt)
  • Crown Herald (Matthias von Leuwenberg II of Atenveldt) - Also Estrella Grand Court Herald in Charge
  • Crown Herald (Eric von Stroud II of Atenveldt)
  • Bard of the Sun (Aaron & Allesandra II of Atenveldt)
  • Midrealm Bard (Alric & Katherine of Midrealm)
  • Queen's Guard (Allesandra III of Atenveldt)
  • Queen's Guard (Gabriella I of Atenveldt)
  • Baronial Armored Champion (Barony of Sternfeld x3)
  • Defender of Michaelmass (Knights of St Michael)

Awards and Recognitions

Formal Recognitions:

Group Recognitions:

  • Grove (Sternfeld Rapier Bards – Midrealm)
  • Dragon's Teeth (Constellation Armored Unit, Pennsic 49 - Midrealm]]
  • l’Honneur de la Chanson (Whiskey Bards – Caid)
  • Letter of Commendation (Whiskey Bards – Caid, Barony of Calafia)
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