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Canton of Tree-Girt-Sea

Argent, on a pale azure between two apple trees eradicated fructed proper in chief a laurel wreath Or.
Modern Location:Chicago, IL



Tree-Girt-Sea is now a Canton of the Barony of Ayreton in the Midlands Region of the Middle Kingdom.

Tree-Girt-Sea was formerly a Province before becoming a Canton of Ayreton.


  • Arms/Device - Argent, on a pale azure between two apple trees eradicated fructed proper in chief a laurel wreath Or.

History Compiled for inclusion in Ayreton

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On July 4th 1969, David Friedman found his way to the Wilcon Science Fiction Convention at Wilmont Mountain Convention center, ultimately winning the tourney to become the first prince of the incipient Kingdom. The Midrealm was first known as the Barony (or Principality) Under the Mountain, a branch of the East Kingdom. Ultimately he was crowned at the World Science Fiction Convention in St. Louis in 1969, as Cariadoc of the Bow of Tree Girt Sea.

The first group centered around Chicago, since many of the early members were students at the University of Chicago. The branch was known as the Capital Province and, later, Tree-Girt-Sea.

Over the next few years crown tourney or crown happened in the Chicago area at least once a year. By the mid 70's the group began to settle into the routine of holding an annual event called 12th Night, which it continues to this day.

In the early days, titles and such were still a bit loose terms (mostly owing to a lack of information from the west: corporate & west kingdom being used interchangeably), to the point that Diana Alene Tregirtse* (*now part of her name), the first Midrealm Queen may actually be found in one order of precedence reference listed as a landed Baroness of Tree Girt Sea, a title never afforded to the group, who for a long time was the kingdom's only Province.

In the mid-70's a local Renaissance Faire became part of the Chicago land area and helped add further interest in the game. To this day, there are a good number of cross over members between the SCA and the Renn Faire.

Name and Heraldry

Similarly name and heraldic registration was not of utmost importance. It was not until 1979 that the first name submission was sent in, and it would not be until 1982 that the current name of Tree Girt Sea actually passed. Alternate spellings that may be found include: TreGirtSee, Tregirtse, Tregirtsee, and Tregirtsea. The device took even more time.

Where the name came from is another story, literally. The poem below was used in the submission documentation:

How deep the dungeon where I guest
I still can whistle when the wind blows west;
And that wind blows through an apple tree
In a grove by the shore of the Tree Girt Sea
Where mine own lady waits for me.

When the wind is loud in her apple trees
I can whistle in the west running breeze
And that same gale blow back to me
The loyal swords of Tregirtsea,
The dark horde under the command
Of my brother, Bashta of the Bloody Hand,
And maybe a prince, or a border lord,
Or an errant knight with a thirsty sword,
For my Lady waits by her apple tree
Where half a kingdom does courtesy
To Her Grace, Diana de Tregirtsea.


In addition to the early fighting prowess in the area with Duke Cariodoc of the Bow, Franz von Blinkend-Lichten and Duke Dagan du Darregonne, there was already a devotion to the arts, including a brewing guild headed for a time by Haakon Red Beard, started in the early 70's. There was also a Dancer’s Guild (triple dance guild-Middle Eastern, Country Dance, and Renaissance) headed by Guildmistress-Sarah bat Eheszkal. A Player’s Guild was devoted to theatre arts led by Cemok Gilcrom-Brad Lami. Even an Artist’s guild led by Stephen the Melancholy thrived, and Corinna of the Silver Scissors led Costumer’s Guild.

Sometime during the mid-70's, TGS started the continuing tradition of hosting a 12th Night celebration each January. At one such event TGS was honored with a debut of a song by (now Duke) Moonwulf: “Rhinestone Viking” for which a few local Horde women provided backup as “The Vikettes”.

Archery grew to be a worthy component in the offerings during the later 80's, during a time when 2 successive seneschals' happened to have also been archery marshals. A friendly rivalry occurred between various groups as the sport gained popularity and weeknight practices within TGS were attended by members from other area groups.

In the early 90's TGS became a hotbed for rapier activity, as several people moved into the area with skills in the sport imported from western kingdoms. For a time (now Master) John Inchingham graced TGS with song as well as tales of "Rapier Rats", while another round of new brewers, spearheaded by Aaron Reed, kept the populace hydrated enough to join in song.

By the mid 90's a reawakening of thread arts began to give TGS notice with the formation of the Silver Thimble Guild headed by (now Mistress) Julianna Peri da Novellara, by elevating the standards for garb particularly amongst the royalty who have benefited from the Guilds' skills.

During this time scribal arts have seen many extremely talented artisans including (now Mistress) Margaret Malise de Kyrkyntolaghe, Lord Peter the Goldsmith C.E, (now Mistress) Magdalena von der Plesse, and continue today with THL Jocelyn of Lutterworth. In 1996 music became more dramatic with addition of The Pippens madrigal group who are largely out of TGS, though members span several area groups. It is directed by (now Mistress) Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza, and remains active throughout the kingdom and provides valuable outreach for TGS in the modern world as well.

The addition of Countess Sir Fern de la Floret has added even more depth to the martial arts for the area with her relocation to Tree Girt Sea in the late 90's.

Likewise Master Robyyan Torr D'Elandris has added to the arts with his wind instruments and his group known as the Baron's Noyes.

In the early 2000's we began to see more woodwork out of the area thanks to (now Master) Hal Raeburn, in particular with his work on various kingdom projects.


Originally Tree Girt Sea (TGS) was based largely out of University of Chicago, where it held it's events and practices, but ultimately became based out of the north side of Chicago. A separate college based group named Grey Gargoyles was born in 1979, and later become a shire.

By the early 80's several ridings existed, including Squirrel Haven out of Northwestern University and Pigeon Rock out of University of Illinois at Chicago. Each of these groups was formed largely to provide meeting, event and/or fighting space for TGS.

During this time Music Guild meetings were routine, as were the Thread workers guild. Mid 80's newsletters also show a respectable amount of writing skills. Additionally, another Riding originally known as Ravenshield, was formed. It ultimately came to be known as the Shire of Ravenslake.

Birth of Ayreton

In the mid 2000's TGS joined in with the 4 other Chicago land groups in a 'game' based on the 'township' formed by these groups. Ultimately called Ayreton (a play on the windy city), and using the focal point of a 'Lord Mayor', we collectively ushered in a period of 'universal co-prosperity sphere' (a phrase coined by Master Alexander De Seton) with the realization that these groups were uniquely tied together, though independent each a unique character, thus leading towards making this structure officially recognized as a shell barony together.

Heraldry History

The name Province of Treegirtsea was registered with the SCA College of Heralds in January of 1982, was corrected to Province of Tree-Girt-Sea in October of 1982.
The name Province of Tree-Girt-Sea was registered in October of 1982. The heraldic device blazoned "Argent, on a pale azure between two apple trees eradicated fructed proper in chief a laurel wreath Or." was registered in January of 1982.


Tree-Girt-Sea holds and annual event called Twelfth Night, traditionally held on Martin Luther King Day Weekend


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