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Baroness Moira MacGillavrey
Status:Current Member
Preferred Title:
Resides:Barony of Sternfeld

Per chevron sable and vert, a three towered castle argent and in chief four mullets of four points Or.



Offices & Positions

Territorial Baroness of Sternfeld - 2008-2013

Awards & Honors

Kingdom Awards

Award of Arms - July 25, A.S. 33
Award of the Purple Fret - January 30, A.S. 33
Award of the Purple Fret - July 27, A.S. 37
Order of the Bronze Ring - July 10, A.S. 39
Order of the Dragon's Heart - July 31, A.S. 39
Order of the Willow - April 1, A.S. 40
Territorial Baroness - July 19, A.S. 43
Order of the Pelican - September 27, A.S. 43
Royal Augmentation of Arms (A dragon vert maintaining a mullet or) - September 29, A.S. 47
Order of the Evergreen - April 27, A.S. 47
Court Baroness - July 6, A.S. 48
Award of the King's Chalice - May 24, A.S. 49

Sternfeld Baronial Awards

Order of the Golden Tower (Service award; Members of the Order recommend those deserving admittance to the Order by virtue of their service to the Barony)
Award of the Nova (Service award for individual instances of exceptional service)
Orion's Belt (Given to individuals who have demonstrated skill and leadership in martial activities, and who share that knowledge with others)
Sternfeld Border Guards (Given to individuals who have practiced the arts of warfare or of peace under the banner of the Barony at any inter-kingdom war, battle or raid, or who have served as a Baronial Champion)
Order of Sternfeld (Given to individuals for long and devoted service to the Barony, such that they shall ever be considered a part of the Barony)


Wife of Torquil MacGillavrey


House Gliocas


Brangwayn Snowden
Kemma Quartremaine
Ulfr Imason
Amanita Villarosa
Gregory Bryant
Meadhbh Ramsay


Runa Kirri

Former Dependents:

Master Peter Grau von Bremen - Premiere Member of the Order of Defense

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Rapier Fighting
Feast Prep
Event Stewarding

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