Flaming Gryphon

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Flaming Gryphon

Arms of the Barony of Flaming Gryphon
Modern Location:Southwest Ohio



Flaming Gryphon is a Barony located in the South Oaken region. It covers Southwest Ohio, north of the Barony of Fenix.


The original shires were given permission to call themselves Marches because they formed a Barony from groups that had been part of Middle Marches.

The Barony is comprised of 4 Shires.

As of 2017, we have 3 dormant shires:

  • Marche of the Unicorn (now the Miami University Medieval Club)
  • Marche of Flaming Sword (Middletown, OH)
  • College of St. Joan (University of Dayton)

In 2023, the Incipient Shire under our sponsorship, Shire of Grenemere (Celina, OH), opted to disband.
Another of the original shires later became the Barony of Fenix.

Livery of Flaming Gryphony

Coat of Arms and Livery of the Barony

Blazon: Ermine, in bend sinister a gryphon stooping Or, enflamed proper, and a laurel wreath palewise vert.

While stooping is no longer considered a true heraldic position, the Arms have been grandfathered in and allowed to stay as registered. According to the first Baron, Syr Lorimer MacAltin of the Garioch, the idea for the design is that the Gryphon is pouncing on the laurel wreath The flames were to evoke the speed and direction of the Gryphon, and are reminiscent of flames painted on cars.

All members of the Barony may wear the Livery of the Barony, which is blazoned: Per pale ermine and Or.

Barons and Baronesses

Flaming Gryphon Baronage

The current Baron and Baroness of Flaming Gryphon are Timothy the Just and Elizabeta Alegreza Foscari.

The previous Barons and Baronesses have been:

Baronial Orders and Awards

  • The Award of the Flaming Brand- Given for service to the Barony. Recipients may wear the badge of the award, blazoned: Ermine, a torch proper. May be given more than once.
  • The Award of the Gryphon's Plume - Given for excellence in arts or sciences. Recipients may wear the badge blazoned: Ermine, a feather bendwise Or enflamed gules. May be given more than once
  • The Order of the Gryphon's Spear - Given for service to the Barony and the Kingdom at the Pennsic War. The five principal members are known as the Gold Company. Recipients may wear the badge of the order blazoned: (Fieldless) A gryphon passant maintaining a spear palewise sable.
  • Sable Shield - Given to all authorized heavy-weapons fighters. Members are known as Companions, Soldiers or Tourniers of the Sable Shield, and may wear the badge of the order blazoned: Per pale ermine and Or, an inescutcheon sable.
  • Academie de Griffe - Given to all authorized rapier combatants of the Barony. Recipients may war the badge of the order, blazoned: Per pale ermine and Or, an eagle's jambe fesswise reversed sustaining in chief a sword fesswise sable. The current rapier champion of the Barony is known as the Capitaine de Grif.
  • The Award of the Gryphon's Flame - Given for long and distinguished service to the Barony.
  • The Award of the Gryphon's Treasure (Tressure) - Given for service to the Barony by a minor. Recipients may wear the badge of the award, blazoned: Per pale ermine and Or, a double tressure gules.
  • Baroness' Cypher - Given by the Baroness for exhibiting courteous behavior at all times. Recipients may wear a stylized badge consisting of the Baroness' initial combined with the letter 'B' and may style themselves as a Bearer of the Baroness' Cypher (BBC). This recognition may be received multiple times.
  • The Order of St. Crispin - Given for exemplary efforts in authenticity. The first five members will be known as the "Hand of St. Crispin". Members may style themselves as Companion of the Order of St. Crispin (CSC) and wear the badge of order, blazoned: Per pale ermine and Or, in pale two shoes reversed sable.
  • Guardsmen of the Barony - Given to all archers who submit a score of forty or higher on the Royal Round, or serve as one of the baronial archery champions.
  • The Order of the Ermine Heart - Given to those who have served the barony as baroness. Blazon: (Fieldless) A heart per pale ermine and Or enflamed to chief proper.


Heraldry History

The name Barony of the Flaming Gryphon was registered with the SCA College of Heralds in October of 1979.
The heraldic device "Ermine, in bend sinister a gryphon stooping Or, enflamed proper, and a laurel wreath palewise vert." was registered in July of 1980

Legacy Medallions of the Barony

The Barony has 2 Flaming Gryphon Peerage Legacy Medallions, a medallion on a chain for the Order of the Pelican and a laurel wreath medallion with names of the recipients embroidered on the collar for the Order of the Laurel.

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