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The banner of the South Oaken region

The South Oaken region is a subsection of the Oaken region in the Midrealm. The emblem of the region is a gold oak leaf on a gray background.



South Oaken consists of the groups in Kentucky, and Cinncinatti and Dayton, Ohio. It is boardered to the South by the Kingdom of Meridies, the East by the Kingdom of AEthelmearc, the north by the North Oaken reagion, and to the West by the Constellation region.


Full Status Active Groups

Incipient Groups

  • Proto-Incipient Shire of Running Cave

Dissolved Groups

Regional Activities

  • South Oaken A&S Faire
  • South Oaken Craftperson's Faire
  • South Oaken Championships
  • South Oaken War Practice
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