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Order of Knighthood
Blazon:(Fieldless) A white belt.
Registered:June 1982
Order of Mastery of Arms
Blazon:(Fieldless) A white baldric.
Registered:June 1982


The Order of Chivalry is an order of peerage that is the highest honor one can receive for martial prowess within the SCA. Those so recognized choose either to become a Knight or a Master of Arms. Knights are required to swear fealty to the Crown and can be recognized by the wearing of a simple white belt and unadorned gold chain. Masters of Arms may swear fealty and are recognized by the wearing of a simple white Baldric. Masters of Arms may wear an unadorned gold chain when they are in fealty. Both may wear gold spurs.

The Order is of equal precedence with the other three Polling Order Peerages, the Laurel, the Pelican and the Defense.

The Order of the Chivalry is a polling order; members meet regularly in person (and electronically) to discuss potential new inductees and give their advice to the Crown. It is a frequent misconception that the Chivalry elect new members, they merely advise the King and Queen of whom they feel is ready to join the Order, it is the Crown that chooses who to induct and elevates them.

Code of Behavior

See Chivralic Virtues

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