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Status:Current Member
Preferred Title:
Awards:Order of the Greenwood Company

Order of the Silver Oak
Order of the Willow
Order of the Dragon's Barb
Award of the Purple Fret
Award of Arms
Lady of the Lake
Golden Scallop
Champion of the Golden Seine
Sentinel of Illiton


No Arms Located

I am an Englishman born in the year of our Lord 1330, residing in Bambarough. Living closer to the Scots then the English I started resenting my countrymen and made secret pacts with the French. For my information the bestowed upon me a gift of a fine crossbow, which I took to immediately. Unfortunately, news of my treason made its way to London and I was sentenced to the Gallows. I never lived long enough to see my Grandson become a Baron.

Regionally, I am the current Regional Archery Marshal and Lt. Sub-Commander for the Midlands Region Archery Corps. Locally, I am the Baronial Minister of Arts and Sciences and the Archery Guild Head and Archery Marshal of the Barony of Illiton.

I have held the Offices of Deputy Archer General, Regional Archery Marshal, Baronial Archery Marshal and Baronial Archery Guild Head. I was the deputy MOAS before taking over the Office in the early summer of 2017.

I primarily focus on archery and thrown weapons with researching the history of Peafowl and Pheasants in Medieval Europe a close second. I enjoy calligraphy, illumination, and vintning. I have entered period arrows into the A&S competitions and placed first at the Kingdom level and I enjoy judging the A&S faires. I have dabbled with blacksmithing, but never made it further than the basics. I enjoy gardening and raising stock. I used to raise rabbits, ducks, geese, peafowl, and pheasants when I lived in the country as well as helped with raising cattle when I was younger.

I have received the Kingdom awards of the AoA, Purple Fret, Dragon's Barb, Willow, Silver Oak, and the admittance into the Order of the Greenwood Company.

I have received the Baronial awards of the Lady of the Lake, the Hippocampus, the Golden Scallop, Companion of the Golden Seine, Sentinel of Illiton.

I am the second person in the Midrealm to reach the ranking of Ludicrous Bowman, and the 16th out of 27 in the Society as a whole. I am currently learning the ways of wisdom in the arts and sciences of Animal Husbandry as an apprentice to Johann von Metten, Master of the Laurel.

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