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A function of the SCA, usually featuring tournaments, but also any number of other activities including feasts, classes and Dancing. Participants at events are required to wear garb; newcomers may be able to borrow garb from the gold key to wear.

While the SCA is non-profit, most events do charge a site fee to cover the costs of renting the site. In the Middle Kingdom a members receive a $5 discount.

Events may be based on a particular theme, such as a particular time period or place in history like the "War of the Roses" or "Along the Silk Road" or around a specific activity like the Royal University or Grand Tournament of Archery. Another popular theme are the many Medieval Holidays such as Wassail, Twelfth Night, or Candlemas.

Advertisements for events are posted in the Kingdom newsletter, The Pale. However, in this modern age, the Kingdom Calendar on the website is often people's first stop for the list of upcoming events.

Some Event Terms:

Hosting and Running Events

Events serve not only as an activity to attend (and volunteer for!), but also as an activity that is hosted by a group. Some of the events are hosted by the individual Shires and Cantons in the SCA. Others are hosted by the Baronies. The various Wars usually are events contesting between individual Baronies in the SCA, but also Kingdoms. The largest inter-Kingdom war is Pennsic.

Events, however, do not run themselves. Hosting an event is an exercise in planning, coordinating staff and volunteers, and gracefully handling the chaos of running the event itself. Groups do this work partially as a service to the SCA (it's what we do!), but also for status. It also helps that events are one of the primary fund raisers for individual groups across the year.

This page will serve as the jump-off point for articles on running events.

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