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Award of the Silver Acorn
Blazon:Argent, on a pale gules three acorns argent.
Registered:July 2002
to:Kingdom of the Middle

The Award of the Silver Acorn is a youth award given by the Crown for enthusiasm and effort in the arts and sciences of the Kingdom.


This award conveys no precedence or armigerous status.

Rights and Privileges

Recipients of this award may wear a badge blazoned: Argent, on a pale gules three acorns argent.


The First Recipient was Shavana Leigh O'Dell - Apr 7, 2001 (AS 35) by the hands of TRM Edmund and Kateryn

Before the award was created as a Kingdom award, the Barony of Rivenstar gave an award by this name. An excerpt from that Barony's website:

Some readers will note that the Silver Acorn is also the name of the Middle Kingdom's arts award for children. It turns out that Rivenstar's award was created prior to the Kingdom award, but the name was not officially registered. Since the Kingdom was not aware that an award already existed with that name, they used it for themselves. To avoid confusion, the barony award is now sometimes called the "White Acorn", or by its original full name, "The Landlady's Silver Acorn".
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