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An order of precedence is the method by which awards and titles are ranked in the SCA. Each Kingdom has its own order of precedence which includes their own awards, Society awards, and awards from other kingdoms that carry with them Society level awards such as an Award of Arms. Secondarily, The Order of Precedence is a historical listing of all the awards that the Crown of the Middle Kingdom have given over the years as well as the listing of awards that each individual resident of the Middle Kingdom have received that carry precedence in the Middle Kingdom. As confusing as that may sound, it's really very simple: If the Crown of the Middle Kingdom bestows an award to anyone, it is listed. Additionally, if someone receives an award from another Kingdom, and that award carries precedence in the Middle Kingdom, it will be listed if it is reported to the Clerk of Precedence .

This is Middle Kingdom Order of Precedence

  1. King/Queen
  2. Prince/Princess
  3. Territorial Prince/Princess
  4. Heir/Heiress of Territorial Principality
  5. Duke/Duchess
  6. Count/Countess
  7. Viscount/Viscountess
  8. Territorial Baron/Baroness
  9. Order of Chivalry/Laurel/Pelican/Defense/Rose
  10. Court Baron/Baroness
  11. Order of the Dragon's Heart
  12. Orders of the Greenwood Company/Bronze Ring/White Lance/Gold Mace/Evergreen
  13. Grant of Arms
  14. Orders of the Willow/Silver Oak
  15. Awards of the Purple Fret/Queen's Favor/Doe's Grace/King's Chalice
  16. Orders of the Dragon's Tooth/Dragon's Barb/Cavendish Knot/White Chamfron/Red Company
  17. Order of the Gaping Wound (Closed)
  18. Award of Arms
  19. Middle Kingdom Awards that carry no precedence:

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