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Order of the Rose
Blazon:(Tinctureless) A wreath of roses.
Registered:June 1982

The Order of the Rose is reserved to those who have successfully completed one reign as consort. This order does not convey precedence, however its members, referred to as Companions of the Rose are by definition also Royal Peers and therefore use the title appropriate to their station (i.e "Grace", or "Excellency").



The Order of the Rose is a Society wide order. The Order was founded on January 6, 1968 (A.S. II) at Twelfth Night by Queen Sheryl of Thespis (now known as Countess Amina Sherana de Talavera) and King William the Silent to honor those who had been Queen or who had been the lady to a fighter who had won one of the first tourneys when there were no queens.

The governance and precedence varies from kingdom to kingdom. In the Middle Kingdom, the Order of the Rose has undergone several changes throughout its history. At one point, it was a polling order (members voted on potential new recipients) and conveyed a Patent of Arms to the recipient. During this time, it ranked equal with the rest of the bestowed peerages. Currently, it is a non polling order with consorts inducted upon stepping down from their first reign.


When a consort steps down after thier first reign, they are inducted into the Order of the Rose. This is usually done with those Roses who are present coming forward to greet the new member and resent her with red roses. She is also presented with the rose cloak. This cloak bears the arms of all previous Roses who have reigned in the Middle Kingdom.


Princess Tea

At the conclusion of each Crown Tournament, a 'tea' is hosted by the most recently stepped down Queen to welcome the new Princess. If the new Princess has not reigned before, this time serves to introduce her to the Roses she does not already know and allow her to ask questions. In addition, the Roses will provide her with advice and support for the upcoming year. If the incoming Princess is already a Rose, the tea serves as a social function and allows good friends time to relax and offer support.

Rose Tournament

The Roses of the Midrealm sponsor an event annually to encourage the display of chivalry, courtesy, and prowess. The format varies, but all combatants must be sponsored by a Rose. The event encourages the use of banners, and full displays of heraldry and regalia.

For more information see: Rose Tourney

White Roses vs. Red Roses

There is a tradition that those members of the Order created when it was a polling order and conveyed a Patent of Arms wear red roses, whereas those created after the change wear white. Not all Companions of the Rose follow this convention. An individual rose (of any color) as an heraldic symbol is not restricted by Middle Kingdom sumptuary law. A chaplet (wreath) of roses, however, is restricted by custom to the Order.

Historically, a White Rose is the symbol of the House of York and the Red Rose a symbol of the House of Lancaster; giving the 15th century War of the Roses its name.


The Middle Kingdom Order of the Rose webpage

Heraldry for the Order of the Rose, pulled from the Atlantian OP.
Heraldry for the Order of the Rose, courtesy of Mistress Urraca.
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