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There are two types of Augmentation of Arms, the Royal Augmentation of Arms is an award given by the Crown to those who have served the Crown above and beyond the call of duty. This award conveys no precedence or armigerous status, however it is nonetheless considered very prestigeous and quite an honor. Recipients of this award may add or augment their personal arms with a special charge.

The specific charge is usually suggested by the King and Queen giving the award, frequently symbolic of the service done such as a spear for a Queen's Champion or a candle enflamed for someone who has served the arts and sciences. The award may be combined with another award for example "A Purple Fret with an Augmentation of Arms"

The augmentation may be registered according to the rules of the College of Arms and thus the exact form of the augmentation cannot be mandated by the crown bestowing it. Therefore it works best if the charge suggested by the Crown is simple or does not have details like the color, position, orientation, etc. specified as to make it easier for the recipient to work into their arms.

See also Kingdom Augmentation of Arms

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