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The female sovereign or royal consort of the Middle Kingdom, entitled to wear a crown of gold, to be addressed as Your Majesty, to sit the throne of the Middle Kingdom and to make awards to her subjects. The Midrealm monarch rules in conjunction with his/her consort and in accordance with Middle Kingdom Law and with the advice of their curia regis. This arrangement, in some ways more restrictive than other kingdoms custom, has made the monarchy stable and strong over the years. See also king.

The King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom are chosen by right of combat in a Crown Tournament. The soveriegn and consort (A Queen may be the tournament victor making the King her consort) rule as Prince and Princess for six months before ascending the thrones in an elaborate Coronation ceremony.

Naturally, if a woman won a Crown Tournament, she would be Queen by right of arms, and the king would be her consort. This has not yet happened in the Middle Kingdom.

The first Queen of the Middle Kingdom was Diana Alene.

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