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Order of the Bronze Ring
Blazon:Gules, two rapiers in saltire argent within an annulet Or.
Registered:August 1999
to:Kingdom of the Middle

The Order of the Bronze Ring is an award given by the Crown. This is given for excellence and leadership in rapier combat and who have trained others in these skills.

The dependent of a Warder is a Ward/Cadet/Student, who carries out many of the same duties as a Squire/Apprentice/Protege for Knights/Laurels/Pelicans.

While Warders are appointed by the Crown and not a Polling Order, The Company of the Bronze Ring does discuss candidates that have been nominated privately, and may advise the Crown concerning nominees if called to do so.



This is a grant level award and is equal to the Orders of the Greenwood Company, White Lance, Gold Mace and Evergreen, after the Order of the Dragon's Heart, and before the Grant of Arms in the Order of Precedence.

Rights and Privileges

Recipients of this award are titled The Honourable Lord/Lady and may be addressed as His/Her Lordship/Ladyship, Companions of the Bronze Ring or Warders of the Bronze Ring and may use the letters C.B.R. following their name.

A Warder is distinguished by a bronze/gold colored scarf typically worn on the left arm, additionally; each Warder is given a dress gorget bearing a bronze ring upon elevation into the order. Companions of this order may wear a badge: Gules, two rapiers in saltire argent within an annulet Or. The Ward/Cadet/Student of a Warder is distinguished by a red scarf typically worn on the left arm.


This Award was created by Dag III and Eleana I in April of 1999.

The Honourable Lord Andreas Blacwode, The Honourable Lady Sarah of the Erie Sea, and The Honourable Lord Garth Brandon, were the first to be elevated to the Company of the Bronze Ring, on April 17th 1999 (A.S. 33.)

In AS 47 At court of the Known World Academy of the Rapier, King Dag stated that his inspiration for the name of the Company of the Bronze Ring came from watching a skilled fencer catching bronze rings out of the air on the point of his rapier, and that his intent was that members of the order wear a gold or bronze gorget in reflection of this. He then had read into court the following:

"We, Dag and AnneMarie, King and Queen of the Midrealm, proclaim it the especial right of the Companions of Our Loyal Order of the Bronze Ring to wear, maintain, and otherwise display upon their person, a gorget colored of gold as a singular mark of their order and station. Done this tenth day of November A.S. 47 while sitting on Our thrones in Our Shire of Ravenslake."

The original dress gorgets for the Order were created in an effort organized by Cleftlanders Lord Wulfgar Hlotharius Von Aachen, Lord Edward FitzRanulf, and Lord Brice Colquhoun (Some of whom would go on to become Warders themselves) who held various fundraisers to pay for the first batch of gorgets. These gorgets were commissioned from and fabricated by metalworker (and fencer) Gladius the Alchemist.

Suggested Scroll Text

To all and singular unto whom these presents shall come, know that we (name of Sovereign) King (Queen) by right of arms of the Middle Kingdom, and (name of Consort) our Queen (King), right mindful of the superior skill, leadership, and exemplary service rendered unto the Rapier Legions of Our kingdom by our subject (name of recipient), do herewith recognize him/her as a Companion of our Company of the Bronze Ring. We grant unto him/her all rights and responsibilities attendant upon this rank, and the right to bear the badge of the award: Gules, two rapiers in saltire argent within an annulet Or; without let or hindrance from any person. Given by our hands this __ day of ____, Anno Societatis (A.S.) __, in our (location of event).

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