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The award of the Order of the Greenwood Company is an award given by the crown. This is given given to individuals who, in the sight of the Crown, have shown excellence in two of three areas of archery: skill, service and the arts & sciences.

While they are not officially a polling order, the Greenwood Company does still meet and discuss candidates to recommend to Their Majesties for inclusion in the Order.

The Award badge



This is a grant level award and is equal to the Orders of the Bronze Ring, White Lance, Gold Mace and Evergreen, after the Order of the Dragon's Heart, and before the Grant of Arms in the Order of Precedence.

Rights and Privileges

A Greenwood Company green hood as worn
A Greenwood Company hood with its red and white trim, made by Arwenna

Recipients of this award are titled The Honourable Lord/Lady and may be addressed as His/Her Lordship/Ladyship, Companions of the Order of the Greenwood Company or Foresters of the Greenwood and may use the letters C.G.C. following their name. Companions of this order may were a badge:(Fieldless) Upon a hurst of pine trees vert, a pheon inverted Or and will sometimes wear a distinctive green hood with white and red trim, the bottom having 8 points. The hood was designed by Mistress Arwenna of Kelsley.


This Award was created by TRM Tarquin and Aibhilin.

When created, this order did not convey a Grant of Arms. The kingdom law was changed (by TRM Finn III and Tamara in April 2000) and all previous recipients were elevated to grant level at that time.

The First Recipients were Robin Arthur Kyrke, Dughal Mac Donnel, Alexander MacIntosh of Islay, Grant Graeme du Menteith, Neko Me, Arwenna of Kelsley, Aelfric the Kestrell, and Ian Gourdon of Glen Awe - Feb 3, 1996 by TRM Tarquin and Aibhilin.

Suggested Scroll Text

To all and singular unto whom these presents shall come, know that we (name of Sovereign) King (Queen) by right of arms of the Middle Kingdom, and (name of Consort) our Queen (King), right mindful of the superior skill, leadership, and exemplary service that (name of recipient) hath rendered unto to the Archer Corps of Our kingdom, do herewith recognize him/her as a Companion of the Order of Greenwood Company, and do grant unto him/her all rights and responsibilities thereto appertaining. Henceforth may he/she style himself/herself a Forester of this noble order, and may bear its badge: On a hurst of pine trees vert, a pheon inverted Or. Done by our hands this _ day of __, Anno Societatis (A.S.) __, in our (location of event).


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